Very the time is puree er at Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund only on the replacement bench. If the rental player of Real Madrid then participate from the beginning, his achievements are at best average — like last in the bitter 1: 3 of BVB against Borussia Dortmunding in the Champions League. Ranger’s father once again made the Dortmund responsible for his films not started in black and yellow in the second year.

Russia did not prepare him on important moments, was the latest accusation of Mauro Brasília in the interview with the Spanish Borussia Dortmunding line AS. It does not matter to him and his son primarily around a punch in the BVB system under head coach Marco Rose, but at commitments, so he developed, said Ranger’s father.

In the current season, Ranger has so far on just five shortens in the Bundesliga, none of them was from the beginning. Reports about a possible premature farewell from Dortmund already this winter has long been the round.

His father does not make a secret that the offensive player should go back to Madrid at best in January, We try to get Ranger back to Spain, but the Russia did not want to dissolve to lend last year and I do not think you want to do it now.

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Mauro Brasília actually looks clearly improved his son, both footballer and physically. Nevertheless, it is hardly enough for operating times in the Bundesliga for the Westphalia, he only encounters incomprehension: In the first season, it was not that he was not at the same level in the tactical-physical area as his teammates, but now there are now no more excuses.

Despite the 19-year-old reservist, father Mauro Brasília was confident that Ranger is currently a teaching time at Borussia Dortmund spreading: He will get out here. Ranger goes with every professional. He goes well with his colleagues, he works well with his colleagues hard.

The long-term career plan of the Brazilian jewel remain able to enforce Real Madrid at the Spanish record champion. In the royal reindeer still has a long-term contract until 2026. At the latest in the coming summer, the hitherto dismissed loan business with the BVB.