GTA’s Car Meets offer Petrolheads the opportunity to present their new wheelset stylish. Thanks to the new upgrade for XBox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, players can now make more than just a window stroll – they can buy a version of the car they see in front of them complete with mods.

This addition, from SJSJSHDHXH, on RedDit is part of the extended and advanced updates for current generation users. While the update contains new and improved tuning options for the fastest GTA online cars and the fastest GTA online bikes, this is the first time that players can buy cars directly at Los Santos Car Meet.


Even though that does not seem to be a big deal, it allows new players, especially those who have tried GTA online for the first time for years, to gain a massive lead in the game.

Cars can be purchased with the complete set of exhibited mods – including Street Rep Located wheels and paints, modified cars with F1 wheels and much, much more. Since races are normally recovered by county, this should allow newcomers to become competitors overnight.

But that’s not all. SJSJSHDHXH reports that the owner of the vehicle receives a voucher for a free upgrade in Haos workshop when someone buys a copy of his car.

Although this is a great complement to the game, many players take care of exploits. Although we have not discovered no, we do not believe that it will take a long time until this becomes a kind of money-making mission.

At the moment, however, the players only have to keep them online at our guide to money they receive in GTA 5. It may not be honest, but it’s better than nothing.