From Facebook to Xbox, the metapes has the wind on the stern. Seen as the future video game and more widely of our society, it has a small taste of already seen. In the early 2000s, Second Life proposed what many dreams today: a virtual society in its own right. But it’s not the only point on which Linden Lab’s game was ahead of his time. It is thanks to him that a young instructor became the very first person to get the status of a millionaire thanks to a video game. Back on this unlikely success-story.


AILIN GRAEF: A teacher at CEO Virtual

It is near the city of Frankfurt that the history of Ailin Graef begins, a young professor. Of Chinese origin, she settled in Europe there is little to fill the head of German cherubim. She loves her job and draws a good remuneration. But this is not enough for the young woman. Personally ambitious, she aspires to bigger income and dreams of founding her own empire to support her family remaining in China and helping the poorest. But now it does not come from a great line. Nor a prestigious training, can both open the doors of large companies. To carry out its fruitful destiny, so it’s towards an unconventional medium that moors will turn: the video game. **

It’s her husband, Graef Guni, who makes him discover the MMORPG, shortly after their move. It is immediately conquered by the feeling of freedom that the virtual worlds it surveyed. Play a role and travel while taking care of his daughters, so she finds her perfect balance. In 1999, she creates her first avatar on the MMORPG Asheron’s Call, where she manages to be done A little booty in play. She does the same on Shadowbane and Star Wars Galaxies and gradually starts discovering a small commercial fiber. But in 2004, Ailin will start doing this simple hobby a real livelihood, thanks to the arrival of a game that scored a whole generation: Second Life.

The idea of a virtual world that can be modified by its residents and which gives them as much freedom as possible made me quite curious to try second life while the game was little known. Guni and I have always felt limited by the technical restrictions of other virtual worlds. I had already joined Shadowbane because the game proposed great freedom and, as surprising as it may seem for some, change for Second Life was only the logical suite.

Second Life is the great project of Philip Rosendale and Linden Lab. First abandoned because being too ambitious, this virtual world finally saw the day in June 2003. The goal was to place the players at the heart of the creation principle, allowing them not only to interact freely but also to shape The world of Second Life in their image (buildings, clothes, animations…). This double principle will allow Ailin Graef, under the name of Anshe Chung, to build a business belonging on several sectors. On the one hand, it sells its clothing creations and the other it allows players Solitaries to afford a little more private entertainment, in short of the escort. From simple massage to the darkest fetishisms, for a few hundred Linden dollars (game currency) Anshe Chung realized your wildest fantasies, even if it was limited to viewing naughty images and writing things in the game of the game.

If you are, towards me, as kind and generous as a real gentleman or a real lady, I can be your private entertainment. I would be happy to make you happy in many ways, whether playing for you, by holding you company during your travels or with a tender massage in your home

Publicity of Anshe Chung

If so far, there is nothing to act any commercial empire, these two activities are indeed the basics of the success of Anshe Chung. So banals they seem, they were not commonplace at the time. Faced with the limited competition and its many advertisements, the small company of Anshe Chung is gaining importance and allows it to harvest a small palpole. Between March and June 2004, the young teacher harvests the equivalent of 200 In-Game $,000 History could have stopped there, but Anshe Chung / Ailin Graef intends to use her booty to go further with a new sector in mind: to get into real estate.

Millionaire in two and a half years

With his little nest egg, Anshe Chung invests in pieces of earth in Second Life. The goal ? Sell or rent them in order to make a profit. In short, it is a fairly classic real estate market transposed into play. The reasons for acquiring (or renting) real estate in Second Life are The same as in real life: having a home or mounting your own shop. As you can suspect, real estate reports, even in Second Life. So much so that a few months later, Anshe Chung becomes the richest person in the whole game (according to his own saying). A notable grade which nevertheless acts as a honorary title than a true sign of wealth. But an important variant comes into play a few months later and will deeply change the situation, transforming this small lucrative enterprise into a real empire.

From 2005, Second Life begins to explode. The advertising campaigns and the massive and diversified communication from Linden Lab gradually come to the players. So that in 2006, the virtual world has 21 million registrants, for 50,000 residents on a daily basis. and who says more players, says a demand that increases. With resale and rentals, ANSHE CHUNG extends a little more its grip thanks to its professionalism and its unbeatable offer. The possessions are no longer limited to a few apartments but to soil of earth and entire islands intended for communities (Furries, Francophones, LGBTQIA+…). His agency and the small site that accompanies it becomes essential for all players wishing to really invest in Second Life, almost approaching the monopoly.

So that according to Philip Rededale himself, to be banned from the lands of this real estate magnate was almost banned from any second life. It must be said that the properties of our young entrepreneur extended on step Less than 550 servers and managed by nearly 80 employees. The old CEO and founder of Linden Lab also compared the power exerted by anshe Chung on his property to that of a real government. Not content with holding a large part of the lands of Second Life, anshe Chung divided them In different areas, each governed by rules and can only accommodate certain activities. The young woman thus forged a whole section of the game according to her desires, changing at the same time her destiny and her way of life in reality.

Because there is something that you haven’t told you yet. It is possible, thanks to a site made available by Linden Lab, to exchange real money for in-game currency, and vice versa. Note that according to the current course, a dollar is equivalent to 320 Linden Dollars. At the time, it was enough for 267 Linden Dollars to get a small green tank with the fire head George Washington. Suffice to say that with his millions of Linden Dollars anshe Chung had something to fill the pockets with Graef ail. In January 2006, her activity is such that she is forced, with her husband, to create a company in real life. based in Wuhan, Anshe Chung Studios, Ltd. had more than twenty employees a few months later. A case which therefore turns, so that it makes its president the very first millionaire resulting from the virtual.

It’s a real event for the time. If everyone at stake knows anshe Chung, the real economic world discovered it in May 2006, on the front page of the very serious business week. Fortune dedicates an entire article to him, as well as Red Herring. ** CNN describes Anshe Chung as _ “La Rockfeller de Second Life” . From TV channels to the government of the Land Baden-Wuerttemberg, everyone wants to work with the virtual businesswoman in order to advertise the very popular second life. This is the consecration for _ANSHE CHUNG.

But who says notoriety, also says the arrival of detractors. Some see with a dim view of the power that the young woman exercises on the economy of the game and does not appreciate her way of managing her real estate market. Besides the classic insults and other sabotages, an event organized by Griefer has had a very special resonance. During a virtual interview for CNET, ANSHE CHUNG was attacked by flying penis. This very particular way to interrupt the event had its little effect to the international, so that it is suspected of having inspired another attack of the same genre two years later, this time against the former champion From the world of chess, Garry Kasparov. That is to say the aura that has developed anshe chung.

Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE
Second Life to the creation of a real empire and a global notoriety, there is sometimes only one step. For Anshe Chung / Ailin Graef, the latter did not cost him $ 9.95 (and a lot of time). And if others did not know so many success, they were still many to take advantage of this Investment inexpensive and particularly lucrative that was (and still) Second Life.

I am really hooked at work now, if you also count my obligations in real life. I could not do it if I did not feel heavily attracted and exalted by Second Life. The impression of being a pioneer in the new world of virtual reality.

Second Life: a lucrative virtual economy

Ailin Graef is not the only one to have turned his love for virtual worlds in true sense of entrepreneurship. In 2007, it was estimated at 3,000 the number of players that may emerge from greater than $ 15,000 a year. And we do not talk about all those who were content to round the end of the month or Please enjoy some extra tits with Second Life. In this virtual world, there were for all needs and tastes.

Take Catherine Fitzpatrick, for example, a 49-year-old Russian that was 100 to 200 dollars a month with real estate. Or Jennifer janis Marloweon Grinnell who decided to create his line of clothes at stake, before leaving his work, This new business reporting to him four times more money. For lustful spirits, direction the empire of the X Kevin strocker serpentine_lderman, who managed to get $ 50,000 by selling his replica from Amsterdam’s red neighborhood on eBay. And then there was _Stéphane Zugzwang and his virtual reality room, which allowed him Not only to pocket 1000 to 2000 dollars a month but also to appeal to all companies wishing to invest the virtual world.

And they did not get prayed. Nike, L’Oréal, BNP Paribas, IBM, Adidas invested thousands, or even millions of dollars to settle in Second Life. Whether through dedicated buildings or mere clothes, all means were good to put forward with residents of this virtual world. Second Life had become the place to be, whether from the point of view of communication or the economy.

The money was serious in the game of Linden Lab. The Scholar Place of the latter, Lindex, recorded every day no less than two million dollars of transactions. Its course was monitored by its managers and maintained thanks to the injection of US dollars. As much to tell you that a sacred pack of money was circulating at the time on Second Life. So that even Jean-Claude Trichet, President of the European Central Bank, had worried about this growing market that is totally escaping its control:

If it grows, it will have to look at, it’s creating money!

Today, we talk a lot about metapes and transposition of reality into the virtual. Almost twenty years earlier, Second Life already had this small parallel dimension transposing all aspects of our society. And if it has so much market in the game of Linden Lab, it is because its developers offered to Players The legal opportunity to hold their creations (unlike an everquestpot example). Thus give financial and market value to its content, which has allowed Second Life to become a real second life, with its own rules, its own activities and its own market. In short, it was already coveted metals by Mark Zuckerberg and others: a simulation of life that transcends the virtual to compete with the real.

If today, we hear little talk about Second Life, Linden Lab’s virtual world is still not dead. There is a handful year, the company boasted again to gather nearly half a million regular players. As you can doubt it, it recently announced everything on the fashion concept (the metapes) to become the reference of the genre in the coming years. As for anshe chung / Ailin Graef, business still seem to turn (at least the latest news). His company still officiates and even developed on other games, especially on mobile. If his little fortune has allowed the young woman to ensure a good life to an orphan in distress, we do not really know what she does today. But we can imagine that it leads the beautiful life, while helping the poor. Part of an avant-garde idea to ride a financial empire at Jeff Bezos, Ailin Graef did not steal his nickname “Rockfeller of Second Life” _.


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