The annual game series WWE 2K is always hotly debated. After the debacle around WWE 2K20 , his successor was still not a champion, but a big step in the direction that was at least partially convincing in our test . While it is currently unclear whether and when WWE 2K23 is published, an investor meeting now brings a surprising turn. So it became known that a WWE role-playing game is currently under development. It is unclear whether this announcement is a reaction to the competitive product Ali Elite Wrestling .

Is WWE 2K22 a Success? | New WWE RPG Game & More!

What do we know about the WWE role-playing game?

Unfortunately not that much at first. In an investor meeting, Chief Brand Officer of WWE Stephanie McMahon announced that an RPG was commissioned in the WWE universe. However, she spoke neither about possible developer studios nor platforms on which the title could appear. She only promised that further information will follow in the form of an official announcement in the near future. Maybe the Summer Game could be a possible time for such a unveiling in June .

McMahon also indicated that the WWE want to expand its ** gaming portfolio in the future: _ “Gaming is a priority for the WWE to reach the new generation of our viewers, after all, 80 percent of the WWE viewers say about themselves Even that they are gamers and almost 60 percent of these gamer viewers are 34 years old or younger. “_

WWE 2K22 is happy about the best reviews of series history

Stephanie McMahon also informed investors about the great success of WWE 2K22 (now buy € 43.99 /€ 53.99). _ “We were very satisfied with the re-launch of our premium video game franchise, WWE 2K. After taking a year break to improve the engine, we worked hand in hand with our partners at Take Two Interactive The feedback from our customers and fans belongs […]. WWE 2K22 was a commercial success with the highest metacritic score, both on Xbox and on PlayStation in the history of the franchise_, “she proudly announced. Finally, McMahon reported that the Mobile division of the WWE was still very successful and would be steadily larger. She spoke of the card game WWE Supercard and the Puzzler WWE Champions, both of which are available on iOS and Android.

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