The action of My Time at Sandrock takes place in a barren desert, which means that there is no such valuable resource as water. Although you may think that you need it to survive, your cars also need it to power. This can make you ask how to get water at My Time At Sandrock.

There are two main ways to get water in My Time at Sandrock: you can craft water or buy it . The creation of water can take a lot of time until you get Rosa collector . If you are in brine, you can always buy water to power your cars from Water World .

How to create water in my Time at Sandrock

To create water in the game My Time At Sandrock, you will need 10 dew . You can use this on your workbench for making barrels of water. Then this can be used to power your machines. You can find dew on cutting bushes , but the speed is low. However, the dew collector will provide a light source.

how to unlock the dew collector

Rosa collector is a machine that you can build, but you will need to use discs with data and buy a qi scheme in the research center . Then you will need to build it from various materials. This is what you need to build a dealer of dew.

  • 3x wooden stick
  • 3X ordinary skin
  • 2x marble brick
  • 12x stone
  • 2x stone trough

Fixing the Stage!! - My Time at Sandrock Alpha - Part 8

After you created the dew collector, all you need to do is put it and let him do your job. Water is a valuable resource in My Time At Sandrock, so we recommend that you purchase this car.

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