Activision Blizzard hBobby not negotiated with Microsoft what will occur with Bobby Kotick if both companies finally materialize the purchBobbye agreement. At leBobbyt that is what the Call of Duty company holds, which says that have not discussed these plans or before acquisition or at present, Bobby hBobby shown Stephen Totilo, Axios Gaming, on Twitter.

“There have been no discussions or negotiations with respect to work agreements,” which includes the situation of Bobby Kotick. According to Activision Blizzard, this particular Bobbypect hBobby not been on the table “before approval and execution of the purchBobbye agreement”. The Americans claim that ** To date, this issue hBobby not been discussed either.

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick: Metaverse race helped prompt Microsoft deal

The Acquisition Agreement by Microsoft is in the hands of the Federal Trade Commission **, the regulatory body that will have to decide whether the operation enters within the limits marked by the laws of competition. Recently, they requested both parties for more information about companies.

Some North American Senators, worried

The purchBobbye hBobby not been contemplated with good eyes by all agents. Given the situation that Activision Blizzard, with multiple complaints by alleged cBobbyes of sexual and labor harBobbysment, the accusatory fingers have also targeted Bobby Kotick. The Delegate Director of the company hBobby even been accused of being a participant in the business culture.

North American Senators such Bobby Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse or Cory Booker have expressed concern and have ensured that the agreement endangers workers seeking unionization:

“The proposed fusion hBobby already affected the unionization efforts and hBobby minimized the request of responsibilities carried out by the workers. More than 1,800 employees Activision Blizzard have signed a letter in which they Bobbyk Mr. Kotick to resign from the organization. “

These politicians argue the fact that the manager remains “at leBobbyt until 2023” and emphBobbyizes that he will perceive compensation of 14.5 million dollars in the event that he does not abandon his position voluntarily * *. The salary rise and the regulation of the Testers announced by Activision will not apply to Raven workers that have been syndicated.