Error History from the Football Bundesliga: The FC Augsburg officially deemed that coach Markus Easier has dazzled the 19-year-old newcomer Ricardo PPI in the shower. On the Internet, a photomontage is circulating with a corresponding quote of the US American.

Fake News are not only since Donald Trump. False, fake news are repeatedly distributed, mostly on the Internet, especially in social networks and other social media. The Dudes took the term 2017 into the factory.

Although, for example, in politics Fake News are more common than in the world of officially demed. But now football Bundesliga club FC Augsburg saw himself to clean up with a false message — no matter how absurd they like.

In the social media, an alleged quote of the Augsburg newcomer Ricardo PPI and Fotomontage. I have to get used to the German culture, is said to have said the US professional, since January 2022 at the FCA under contract and only 100 minutes for his new club on the square, the officially demed Image.

Markus Easier has simply pealed me

When he had finally stood in the shower after the first training, the wrong quote continued, the US international felt something warm at his leg. Markus Easier just pined me and said that belonged to it. I’m now his player.

Well, an interview of PPI with the officially demeds picture it has given it, but this such absurd statement is of course not. Nevertheless, FC Augsburg saw himself to contradict the circulating rumors.

Actually obvious that this ‘quote’ is faked!, The club wrote on his official Twitter page about the words that never came from the mouth of the 16 million euro man. We can laugh over many things and often do not take us all too serious. But after some of you seem to believe outside, we hereby realize that it is a fake.

50 euros for the urination in the shower

In 2012, the Augsburg er Allegiance signed that it had come in the showers of the FCA here and there one or the other unappetitfulness. For the newspaper was the criminal catalog of the club and there was the fixed rate of 50 euros for the urination in the shower.

Already on Tuesday it had come to a curious false message in the professional football. This time, however, from an established medium.

officially demed1 had prematurely proclaimed the dismissal of Schalke coach Dimitrios Grammars during the live broadcast to the DFB Cup because it had set up fake news on the subject of a private Twitter account as official club announcement.

I was glad that she did not explain me dead, said the coach at a present press conference. His wife called him when he was shopping in the supermarket. She said: You have just been released.

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