The MMO combat game War Thunder developed and operated by Gaijin Entertainment has started distribution of a large update Danger Zone on June 15.

In this update, multiple new aircraft and new vehicles have been implemented for each land and sea sky, new weapons, new weapons, and new MAPs have been added.

Isn’t the most highlight of the additional aircraft this time the American tree F-14A Early? The F-14, known as Tomcat’s nickname, is also well-known in the movie Top Gun, and is the first fourth-generation fighter in War Thunder.

Aim-54A air-to-air missile, which is a trademark and boasting business tool, and many guided weapons that use radar such as AIM-7 Sparrow are different from conventional thermal tracking missiles. It is possible to engage in long distances.

In addition, jets such as Lightning F.53 in the UK and Dassault Milan in France were implemented.

In the land battle mode, MBTs such as M1A1 AIM, Challenger DS, Leopard 2A4, etc. were implemented in the sea mode, and a cruiser battleship HMS HOOD called Mighty Hood was implemented.

In addition to the new weapons, Napalm bullets have been implemented, and the new MAP Abandoned Town and South-Eastern City have been added.

You can check the details of this update in this patch notebook.