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In Russia, parallel (gray) imports were officially approved

The authorities of the Russian Federation approved “Gray Import”. The corresponding decree signed the Minister of Industry and Russian Trade Denis Manturov.

More than 200 brands of well-known companies such as Apple, Samsung Tesla, Huawei and others were included in the list. Also, parallel imports were allowed in relation to cars of famous Western brands and spare parts for them.

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition - Mission #22 - Gray Imports

With regard to shoes and clothing, the Ministry of Industry Distribution did not indicate specific brands, allowing this category of goods completely. The list did not turn out jewelry and furniture. As explained in the ministry, the decorations are not strategic and can be successfully replaced by the domestic manufacturer.

Such a lucky track: Mario-Kart

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still a continuous burner for five years after release. Not only at the home game evening, but also in various internet forums. Now a clip has surfaced on Reddit, which probably shows one of the biggest happiness in this game.

Mario Kart 8: More luck does not work

Every Mario Kart player on the first place fears him: The blue tank. The spiky storey focuses exclusively on the leading player and turns off this in 99 percent of cases with a bang.

Unless you have so much luck, like the player in this reddit clip:

As you can see in the clip, the player escapes the blue tank a lost turbo mushroom , which was random and at the right moment on the track.

It is well known largely that you can escape the blue tank with a turbo mushroom, but that usually only applies to a turbo fungus that the player already leads.

Since only the first place is only bananas and coins, this already known method is not so easy to implement.

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The reddit community is pretty impressed from so much luck and accordingly the comments fall out:

Saludoscordiales: _ “You are the chosen!” _

Evil_rogers: _ “You have used a chance of one billion to one thing at that moment. May you remember forever. That was pretty crass.” _

Tommy: _ “This is actually a pretty well-known strategy when you have a mushroom in your hand. But get a mushroom that lies on the floor is really luck.” _

Mario Kart Wii 400cc KNOCKOUT #11

New Mario Kart tracks since March 22

Meanwhile, some users wonder about the unknown route in the clip. This is one of eight “new” routes that exist since March 18, 2022 for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The so-called booster route pass costs either 24.99 euros or you use the switch online expansion pass , which not only contains the “new” routes, but also gives access to various N64 classics.

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