Marvelous Europe is pleased to announce that Deadcraft, a new simulation/action game developed by Marvelous’ First Studio, now for Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC via Steam, PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch system is available. The game also supports Smart Delivery on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s.

  • Deadcraft – ~~ 24.99 euros ~~ – 22.49 euros
  • Deadcraft Deluxe Edition – ~~ 39.99 euros ~~ – 33.99 euros

Deadcraft Nintendo Switch Review!

Deadcraft is the latest fatal and daring game by Marvelous’ First Studio, the creators of Daemon X Machina. As if a hail of meteorite that has turned the earth into an sterile wasteland were not bad enough, the devastation also released a mysterious virus that brought the dead back to life.

Desired by the fire of the sky and the dead underground, there is only a fraction of the human population left, which has largely been combined in small outposts, where greedy opportunists from chaos capitalize. Reid, a rare survivor of the virus, which is partly a zombie, is captured by the twisted Nebron, the leader of the ark. After his escape from the torture table to the surrounding wasteland, Reid is determined to return to the city and ensure apocalyptic justice.

Use Reid’s inhuman zombie forces to ward off enemies, while in the wasteland you are looking for answers to the question of what happened to the only man to whom he could trust. Build fantastic new weapons, conjure up curious mixtures or breeds and harvests zombie soldiers who stand by Reid in the fight against the apocalypse.

During his adventure, Reid has to use the strength of his zombie side in combat and at the same time make sure to keep the little humanity that has remained, to stay in the favor of the locals… or not, and his inner zombie full And to accept completely to shake the residents. It is a dangerous world, and to stay alive, Reid has to fully exploit the advantages of the dead!

The launch trailer can be seen here: