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Transportation of savings in between the platforms


Any type of object depending on the Season Pass will certainly be erased from your inventory when you start to play on an additional system. As soon as you return to the system where you have the Season Pass, it will be returned to your inventory… The content acquired in the shop in play with Helix credit ratings will certainly come on various systems… All items and also money From the video game you provide will certainly be readily available to you when you most likely to another platform, provided that your last game back-up has actually been successfully moved..

Ubisoft has actually just recently integrated its aging Uplay service and Ubisoft Club services into a single totally free service called Ubisoft Connect as well as Ubisoft gamers can bring their backups from one platform to one more with service. The cross development is provided in titles such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Pets: Legion, allowing gamers to relocate their backup in a rich as well as open globe from one platform to an additional. Ubisoft Connect is available absolutely free now for PS4, Xbox One, Computer and also Mobile.

While your backups in a Ubisoft title will be transferred from one system to an additional thanks to Ubisoft Connect, any added material acquired on the platform home window will not come unless the players have the web content on All the platforms they play on. For instance, fans of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla who get the Season Hand down Xbox One will not have the ability to play the content of the Season Pass on their PS4 unless you got the Season Hand down both platforms.

Will you move your Ubisoft game backups from PlayStation to Xbox through Ubisoft Connect? Let us know in the remarks below!


Magic and Capcom present a limited edition of letters inspired by Street Fighter II

Wizards of the CoCapcom presentedt and Capcom presented a new set of exclusive cards on the occCapcom presentedion of the 35th anniversary of the saga fighting game Street Fighter under the name Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Street Fighter x , a collection of limited edition 8 cards Capcom presented a crossover with the well-known board game. The announcement coincides with the official launch of Street Fighter 6 , the next installment of the franchise from Capcom.

New Magic limited set bCapcom presenteded on Street Fighter

Thus, this collection is bCapcom presenteded on the eight playable characters from Street Fighter II and commitment to offering fans up to 8 unique illustrations showing one of the special powers of each of them. From the legendary Hadoken Ryu a frantic kicking of Chun-Li, through the sonic boom of Guile or Ken Shoryuken of, among others.

Capcom Fighting Collection – Announcement Trailer

“Street Fighter and Magic: The Gathering come from very different genres, but both have made incredible characters, rich gameplay and social connections with our fans for decades,” says Mark Heggen Product Architect Wizards of the CoCapcom presentedt. “We are Street Fighter fans of all life, and this collaboration hCapcom presented been a dream come true. Now, if you apologize, I have to put my unstoppable blank of Blanka again. “

Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair x Street Fighter will be available on July 29, 2022 both traditional foil version (54.99 €) Capcom presented foil (44.99 €). The other drops are available in the traditional FOIL versions (€ 44,99 €) and not FOIL (€ 34.99).

In addition to this special set of Street Fighter, Magic recently premiered the new set Kamigawa : Neon DynCapcom presentedty, a collection that combines tradition with futurism and technology.

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