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Fans are happy: new editions of Max Payne 1 and 2 announced

Max Payne and May Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne come back as Remakes. The first opinions are consistently positive.

_ “The Final Gunshot What to Exclamation Mark!” _ With these haunting words, the action game started in 2001, which meant the international breakthrough for the Finnish Development Team Remedy Entertainment. Max Payne has been able to record topics such as Neo-Noir more than 20 years ago and connected with a then innovative gameplay: Bullet Time was not only thanks to the film “Matrix” one of the BUZZWORDs of the early 2000s, also Max Payne had its share of it that this technique was used to vomiting in a wide variety of areas. But despite the great success, the second part remained behind the expectations for a good two years later. Only as Rockstar Games bought the trademark rights and developed a part himself, could be linked to the successes of the first part.

Now Remedy Entertainment has announced to work on the series again. However, the Finns do not develop fourth part, but remakes of the first two games. It is not a bundle, but Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne are displayed separately for the PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series X / S and the PC. The technical basic framework serves the in-house Northlight Engine, which is also used in Control and Quantum Break. Financing secures Rockstar Games, which still holds the rights to Max Payne.

When the game appears, is not fixed yet. Remedy Entertainment has only been announced that one is in an early concept phase. However, since it is not relatively simple Remasters, but remakes, ie quasi new developments, the production should take some time. Alan Wake was work for more than five years, similar to Quantum Break. But it should not take a long time and that should not be, if we look at the mostly exuspicious opinions on various social media channels such as Twitter and Reddit. There, the announcement was not only very positive, she also led that REMEDYS website for investors collapsed under the onslaught of the fans:

MetaCraft, the largest 2022,000-year-old Web novel competition held

MetaCraft (Representative Yuan Yu) revised the web novel platform ‘Nobel Pia’ on the 21st that the ‘2022 Tree Changno Web Novel Competition’ is held so that domestic artists can spread imagination.

The ‘2022 Treech Changchu Web Novel Competition’ is the largest total prize of 200 million won, and it is possible to exhibit the web novel of all genres, including adult works as well as third-party free professionals.

The competition period is from April 1 to May 20th, and it revealed that it will be able to select a winner of more than 30 works, and we reveal the will that the writers could make a variety of attempts, while lowering the application barriers.

The competition is that the Nobel Pia, which has grown miraculously for a year, is the sign of the annual festival in the sense of gratitude to the writer and readers. In addition to creative IP excavation purposes, writers are fun and freely imagined, and to create a playground that can enjoy 950,000 users together.

Completion of competition is expected to support and review the top priority to expand to various Elements Multi Yuzu (OMSU) businesses such as webtoon, games, and images.

Especially, the Elemental Multi Yuzu (OMSU) project, which utilizes Web novel IP, such as Nobelpia’s ‘Simby Dok’, has been actively in progress and is actively in progress, and it is also expected to participate in famous writers as well as competence.

In addition, in the case of the previously advanced ‘2021 spaces’ stronger web novel competition’, the start of the service, such as the start of the service, such as the site is registered, such as the site is registered, Participation is expected.

In addition, last year’s post-competition “Battery 1 person viewing” is currently a total of more than 74 million users, more than 40,000 users to register for more than 40,000 users. It is expected to have a higher phase of this competition.

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The Metropolitan Engineering, “This is the event for creation (creation),” said Kim Hee Kyung, ” In order for writers to make fun, the 2022-Thousand Chang-ji Web novel competition ‘is planned to be on the biggest scale. “In particular, it is expected that it will be a very good opportunity for domestic artists, “He said.

On the other hand, the Premium Web novel Platform Nobel Pia is paying a set of 12 won per view, and has a large number of monopoly content of more than 250 new and more than 30,000 content and cumulative queries.

Artificial intelligence designs its own Pok mon after analyzing the 898 in existence

After 8 different generations, Pokémon already has a total of 898 creatures, a figure that will change as soon as Game Freak, the study in charge of the saga, introduces us with the new set that will inevitably arrive. However, so many Pokémon complicate the creation of new designs, so Max Woolf, a Data Scientist of San Francisco, assigned the task to an artificial intelligence.

AI Learns To Play CS:GO By Watching Humans Play!

Some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive after forcing the IA to observe all the existing Pokémon, the task of making their own creations was imposed. WOOLF shared the results through social networks, with some creatures that clearly borrow several body parts of the designs we already know, and many others that we hardly recognize the inspiration of it.

The results, apparently, were from the liking of the people, so Woolf repeated the process several times, and shared more and more creatures that he designed artificial intelligence. The reception was so positive, that some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive.

The IA that I used was a Udall for all official Pokémon images, Woolf explained. Unfortunately, it is not portable or easy to use, since if it were, it would form an interactive collaboration.

Although Pokémon sword and shield were the last titles in introducing new creatures, they are diamond and pearl remakes that are taking full attention. In Japan, the newly launched games reached 130,500 units sold, standing without difficulties in first sales place of the last week.

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