Bleeding in halo: reaching is a term that describes how the game manages excessive damage The melee attacks on shields. In its most fundamental sense, this means that you do not need to completely remove the shield from an adversary before you can kill it by a hand -to -hand attack.

When you load multiplayer modes, you will often see a message on the screen indicating that the lost bottom is activated. This means that any excess damage from a melee attack will be reflected in the health of the opponent once the shield is broken.

When the bleeding is not active, even a person has only a small amount of shield and you mix it, the melee attack will break the shield, but all excess of damage will be lost and not transmitted to its Health bar. This means that you cannot touch an enemy at the bottom shield with a melee attack, then that excessive damage applies to its health and kill them.

This has a direct effect on how people will play the game and on the tactics they will use in multiplayer mode. When the bleeding is finished, you will often see the players jostle, confident to be able to lower enough person’s shield enough to kill them in scrum. When the bleeding is interrupted, people often wait a little longer, sometimes even wait to see the shield of their opponent start before rushing to kill the melee.

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