Should Sony put his proprietary titles on PC from the first day? Yes, I think they should absolutely. While Microsoft starts in a buying frenzy, Sony must make sure to continue to broadcast their games as many people as possible. This means putting their songs on PC on the first day or at least very shortly after.

Sony recently released some of his titles as PC games, and it worked very well for them so far. Days Gone, Horizon Zero Dawn and recently God of War have all been a great success on PC. Imagine now if they came out while the hype around these games was still high. Instead of waiting four years old, do not wait more than six months, and I think they will sell even more copies.

Now, the worry, of course, is that Sony putting his PC games would hurt the sales of the PS5. However, I really doubt that this is true for several reasons.

One of the main reasons is that obtaining a PC capable of playing the Sony Games is expensive. The PS5 will always be the cheapest option to play these games. With the backlog of graphics cards, it’s not like getting a new PC capable of playing was easier than getting a PS5 right now. I hope both will eventually become possible.

Another great reason is that people use consoles and PCs for different reasons. I am lucky to have a powerful game PC and a PS5. They are used almost also for different reasons and when I’m in different mood. For me, any game that, in my opinion, works better with a controller, such as God of War, I will usually buy it on a console. If it works better with a mouse like Horizon Zero Dawn, so I go with PC.

My point? PC and consoles are always different beasts. Sony manufacturing its games for the PC market does not mean that they will not sell consoles. As for sales, I think the only thing that will happen is that they will sell more games. It is clear that PC players want to play these games. I’m sure they would prefer not waiting four years to play them.

We also know that they go out their games the first day will not hurt console sales, because Xbox started doing it, and they are experiencing a renewal this generation. The Xbox has moved from one last generation essentially without a factor to a fantastic performance. This is the best-selling Xbox generation of all time despite supply constraints. It is clear that PC players with access to games do not really harm console sales.

Sony passes next to the PC market while waiting so long to put its PC games. Publish them on the first day or close after publication will not harm console sales. Sony offers incredible gaming experiences that deserve the most important public. The output on the first day on PC will allow Sony to sell more titles and allow more people to live incredible experiences.

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