Since the Horizon Forbidden West is a game with an open world, you have many options where you should go. Sometimes these options even appear in the form of a mission, and you can wonder what route is best to choose first. Ether, Poseidon or Demeter, whom to win first?

These three bosses are based on levels, so it is very important, in what order you decide to fight them. Recommended order – Go on Ether There will be the first Poseidon and then Demeter .

If you attack the level below, you will be difficult to defeat any of them, but you will definitely notice an increase in difficulty on the last two deities.

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Here are the recommended levels for each boss:

  • Ether – level 18 (Kulrut)
  • Poseidon – Level 22 (Sea of ​​Sands)
  • Demetra – level 24 (seeds of the past)

Horizon games are not always given to the player easily, but they also give you difficult enemies that make you be proud when you won them. This is one of these cases, if you all have been updated in advance.

If you feel bold, you can, of course, approach them in a different order. However, most likely you will need more time to pass the plot.

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