Update from 15 March 2022: Until March 22, 2022 At 10:00 am Boreos appears (some players perhaps better known as Tornadus Therian) in the animal 5-raids and can be with very * Good luck can also be killed as Shiny Boreos ! Do you want to increase your chances of a dazzling above all to legendary RAIDSTunde on March 23, 2022 *? Then we have all the current important and good counterattack for Boreos in Pokémon Go! We wish you much success!

Best counter to Boreos (animal spirit)

  • Crypto-Raikou with thunder shock and electricity
  • Mega-Vertenso with thundernock and electricity
  • Crypto-Zapdos with Thundershock and Thunderblitz
  • Mega-aerodactyl with stone’s throw and stone hail
  • Crypto-Elevoltek with thunder shock and electricity
  • Zekrom with charging beam and electricity
  • Voltolos (animal spirit) with Voltwechsel and Thunderblitz
  • Crypto-Mewtu with confusion and thunderblitz
  • Crypto magnetic zone with spark jump and electricity
  • Crypto-Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
  • Rihornior with catapult and rocketer
  • Mega-ampharos with voltwechen and lightning cannon

Original message from 5 February 2020: February 2020 holds a lot of interesting innovations and events for fans of Pokémon Go . This includes, among other things, the legendary Pokémon Boreos, which celebrates its debut as animal-5-Raidboss. Trainers can find the flight Pokémon from 04 February 2020 to 25 February 2020 in appropriate RAID struggles.

So that you are optimally prepared for the fight against Boreo’s and the Pokémon can catch myself, we have summarized everything important to the RAID against the legendary Pokémon based on an article by Pokemongohub.

Table of contents

  1. 1boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – General information, values ​​and attacks
  2. 2boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – the best counter

Boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – General information, values ​​and attacks

Boreos occurs in Tier-5-Raids from Pokémon Go for the time being only in the incarnation variant. You can already defeat both variants under ideal conditions with a team of three coaches, but on the safe side you are with three to five colleagues. The incarnation version of Boreos owns the following values:

  • Raidboss-CP: 46,044 points
  • Fang CP: on Level 20 = 1,828 to 1,911 points, on level 25 with weatherboost = 2,285 to 2,389 points
  • Attack: 266 points
  • Defense: 164 points
  • Stamina: 188 points

Because Boreos is a flight pokémon, it benefits from windy weather. It reacts sensitive to the ice, electric and stone attacks. Boreos has the following attacks, which make it strong against Pokémon of the Beetle, Fight and Plant:

  • Bite (inapprisitely, normal attack)
  • Luftschnitt (flight, normal attack)
  • Strauchler (plant, charging attack)
  • Hyperstrahl (normal, charging attack)
  • Finsteraura (inappropriately, loading attack)
  • Odcane (flight, Lade Attack)

Strauchler causes potentially devastating damage as the only one of these attacks, the right counterattack assumes. Hyperstrahl can also sweat your Pokémon, if not as strong as shrubs. If you want to maximize your chances in combat, so hopes for a fight in which Boreos does not use these two attacks or rarely.

Boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – the best counter

In order to be able to optimally prepare Boreos in combat, we recommend the following counterpokémon:

  • Rameidon (type rock) with catapult (rock) and stone hail (rock)
  • Raikou (type electro) with thunder shock (electro) and electric shock (electric)
  • Magnet zone (type electro) with spark jump (electro) and electricity (electric)
  • Zapdros (type electro) with thunder shock (electro) and thunderblitz (electro)
  • Elevoltek (type electro) with thundershock (electric) and electricity (electro)
  • Terracium (type rock) with catapult (rock) and stone hail (rock)
  • Mamutel (type ice) with powder snow (ice cream) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Despotar (type of rock / inapprint) with catapult (rock) and stone edge (rock)
  • Glaciola (type ice) with ice cream (ice cream) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Snibunna (type inappropriately / ice) with ice splinters (ice) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Luxtra (type electro) with spark jump (electro) and electricity (electro)

SHINY *TORNADUS THERIAN* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs, Counters & Moveset | Pokémon Go

Your trip in the fight against Boreo’s best if you put on a combination of several strong electric Pokémon. Floor and ice-pokémon are also suitable, but are sensitive to Boreos’ Strauchler Attack. So she puts you aware. We wish you much success in the RAID against Boreos!

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