During the last months, fans of _ Dragon Ball Super _ have been able to enjoy an interesting fight between Goku, Vegeta and Granolah. It was in this fight, where the prince of the Sayajins revealed the new transformation of him, the ultra ego. Now, thanks to the publication of the color manga in Japan, we already have a good look at the way this new power looks.

Although at the end of last year, a series of illustrations were revealed that gave us the first look at the official colors of the Ultra Ego, it was not until a few days ago that the most recent color of the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super was published in Japan, that the fans finally have a quality look at this speculated aspect of the current arch of this story.

Ultra Ego Vegeta's OFFICIAL COLORS REVEALED! His Hair is Purple?! | Dragon Ball Super

Just as the fans had speculated, the ultra ego is a transformation that makes use of the violet, but with a more pink tone to reflect the energy that remains . Considering that the anime is very faithful to this type of official jobs, this gives us a short look at the way Vegeta will be seen by using this power once this work returns to television.

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