That they are beautiful animals. With the patch 12.6 on the PBE, a horde of outfits also appeared, 7 unpublished skins. Among them, we find the series of Skins Section Anima. Basically, animal warriors, with small ridiculous ears. Are planned Jinx Chat, and his prestigious edition, Sylas Loup, Bat Vayne, Miss Fortune Rabbit, and super combat rabbit rivet.

Jinx fight cat

1 350 RP

Jinx Fight Cat – Prestige Publishing

Sylas Wolf fighting

1 350 RP

Vayne bat combat mouse

1 350 RP

Miss Fortune Rabbit

1 820 RP

Riven super combat rabbit

1 350 RP

These Anima Section Skins will be available for 1 350 RP, except Miss Fortune Skin which is legendary and will cost 1 820 RP. They have models, textures, visual, sound effects and recall animation that are their own. Miss Fortune even has the right to unpublished dubbing.

As usual, a Horde de Chromas will accompany the release of these skins.

When will skins are available?

The Jinx Chat Skins, and its prestigious edition, Sylas Loup, Bat Vayne, Miss Fortune Rabbit, and Super Combat Rivate Rivate are planned for the patch 12.6 that will arrive on the live servers on March 30. It is generally necessary to count 1 to 3 days for Riot Games to render the skins available.

The luckiest will also have the opportunity to get these unprecedented outfits in Hextech safes, or by combining skin fragments.

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7 NEW SKINS - Anima Squad Battle Jinx Sylas Riven Vayne Miss Fortune Pyke - League of Legends
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