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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: So she comes without booster passport to the DLC

On March 18, there is the first wave of new routes for all buyers of the Booster Pass of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. But even players who have not acquired the DLC can turn their rounds on the courses, as Nintendo discloses on the product side.

Mario Kart 8: No DLC, no new routes? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

Who thought that Mario Kart 8 deluxe slowly feeds on the target straight, has cut. Since the last Nintendo Direct we know: The Arcade Racer is not part of the old iron for a long time and gets a total of 48 new distances until the end of 2023 by Nintendo.

However, to get direct access to the new courses, players need to grab the Booster Pass, The unique 24,99 Euro costs . But also Mario-Kart fans who do not want to buy the DLC package or have the option of turning their rounds on the additional routes – in online and multiplayer mode.

The only prerequisite: At least one of the players must be in possession of the expansion package . All other players can then join the basic version, select the new routes and then drive. In addition, the new routes are part of the regional and global online mode from 22 March 2022 partly of the random selection and can be used by players of the basic version.

“The racetracks in the first wave of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster route passes can be driven locally or online from the 18th of March, even if only one player has the Booster route Pass or as part of a membership For Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack has access to it. From the 22nd of March, the racetracks of the first wave will also appear in the random selection if you drive a global or regional race with some1. “

(Source: Nintendo)

_Ein first look at the new routes give you the new trailer of the Booster route Pass: _

What does the new route pass offer?

Are These the 48 Tracks Coming to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Pass! [Prediction]
The Booster Pass Grants you access 48 new routes in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. However, these are not all published on a beat. Instead, Nintendo has decided to integrate the new routes in waves into the game.

The first momentum of new courses finds on 18 March 2022 his way into the game. Thereafter, the other CUPs are to be added at regular intervals – the big final is expected to be available at the end of 2023.

WoW Patch 9 2 Star Wars Transmog

These swords would put some WoW disciples instant with the previously played MAIN AD ACTA, unless he can create swords, and immediately a twink ranked so that these magnificent copies can be supplied in the lightsaber look of their true determination: a really cool transmogrification! Or do you see it differently?

The swords to which it goes are those with an ethereal flame blade, which also lights up — depending on the model — in a wide variety of colors. The lightsaber option was with WOW (Buy Now €14.99) Patch 9.1, chains of domination, for the first time in the game implemented as a prey from the Tazavesh-Boss ZO’few. Donkeys of heavy personal injury, from the quasi purest energy WATER (and therefore the Star Wars comparison is not disposable), but there are so far only in blue in Shadow lands. But not for long! Because with WoW Patch 9.2 there will probably be four other color variants, Like Determiners from Towhead have found out. Selection! That makes a decent Star-Wars-Transmog just complete!

Lightsevesses of rare opponents in Earth Morris

It seems that the blades of rare opponents in the new play area Dropped Earth Morris. At least three of the four color variations have already been assigned a rare from the people of TOWHEAD. Caution: All the following information is based on the Test Server of Patch 9.2 and can still change until the release.

The spawn points of the well-known lightsaber rares we have marked with stars in the corresponding color. Source: WoW disciples

Color: Violet-anima Siphoning Sword: The sword will be donated by an encrypted name The Euler, which can look in the southeast of the refuge. So that the anginal appears, you must address the Raptor NPC the matriarch in and protect it from waves of attacking clamps. The Enrolled is the final opponent of the event.
Color: Red -XY’rates Signature Saber: The name is program. The sword drops from a Mittler-Rare named XY’Reith, which lets west of the forge of re-life on the edge of the card (north of the Held of Pilgrim). At XY’Reith, it should be a hard chunk, which may not want to tackle solo.
Color: Green -enlighten Botanist’s Machete: In the south of Earth Morris in the catalyst organizations, a rare named for a great overgrowth, which initially does not seem to be attacked. Close to the bushes you will find four roots that you have to pull out of the ground. Then the essence can be attacked.

And the fifth color?

STOP DOING THIS! Get to Exalted with Netherwing in 2 Days!

Blue is already available from ZO’Hex, Violet, red and green lights, you can get stood by the Rares in Earth Morris. And what still stays? A white yellow version was also found in the game data, but you could not be assigned any source from which you can get it. But the bright blade is likely to let the Paladin hearts under the logging fans. Or the players who want to build a Jedi outfit in WOW. If there is the information or changes something to the previous findings, we will contact us ^^

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