At the latest since the great success of the Netflix series Arcane, many characters from the MOBA League of Legends have gained a lot of popularity. First of all, the slightly worn Jinx , which was known as a small child still known under the name Powder. From her there is now an impressive cosplay to see.

Cosplay shows the twisted Jinx from Arcane and League of Legends

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The cladding comes from the artist and Reddit user “Restohexual”, which has already taken care of several cosplays in recent months. Among other things, she disguised himself as Harley Quinn from the DC movie The Suicide Squad or as TIFA from the RPG Final Fantasy 7. Thus, she knows very well in the Cosplay scene and has a lot of experience on this Area.

This is also possible with your Cosplay of Jinx from Arcane and League of Legends very well. The artist has made a complex costume, which is very close to the original **. It starts with basic clothes and does not listen to the accessories such as the gloves and other things. In addition, “Restohexual” also has thought of such details such as the right wig and the striking make-up and colored contact lenses. Also, the pose fits perfectly to Jinx, only the background with the photo is not quite coherent.

Fascinating cosplays from the world of gaming

If you should have come to the taste of gaming cosplays due to this example, we can recommend some particularly pretty copies from the younger past. How about a fairing as Ellie from The Last of US 2 or TiFa from Final Fantasy 7? But the RPG The Witcher 3 continues to be high in Cosplayers.

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