Players of Call of Duty War zone get access to a new update. On your website, Raven Software developers share the patch Notes – and thus individual changes and innovations. The focus of the patch is troubleshooting for a glitch that could ensure that individual weapons were permanently shooting without having to reload the magazines.

shoot without recharge

Players had last reported on this problem among others at Type 11 LEG. The Glitch could be exploited if the weapon was changed quickly after a key confirmation for reloading. Through a program error, the magazine was immediately reloaded again . With the new update, the error of the past should belong. With the new War zone update, the developers also assume several collision issues on caldera , which enabled, among other things, through individual objects.

First Bug fixes, then Season 2

With the patch it should no longer happen that the menu screen flickers if you want to join the game of a friend or a party. That the host of a private lobby crashes the game should also be history after the update. There are also adjustments for the Katina. As is apparent from the patch notes, the damage caused from 135 to 150 was raised. The movement speed is reduced by two percent. The full patch Notes for the new War zone update we will find below. Finally, the developers participated in postponing the start of Season 2 to previously implement important updates.

Call of Duty War zone: Patch Notes about the new update

bug fixes

  • Fixed Collision Issues With Various Elements Across Caldera Allowing Players to Exploit / Peek / Shoot Through Them.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing The Menu Screen To Flicker When Attempting to Join A Friend OR Queue With A Party.
  • Fixed to Issue With Reload Animations Allowing Certain Weapons to Fire Continuously.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing Private Lobby Hosts to Crash.
  • Fixed to Issue Causing The Regular / Advanced UAV Rewards from Big Game Bounty and [Top Secret] Contracts to Not Trigger IF The Player What in A Vehicle OR Anti-Air Gun.


  • Katina (VG)
    • Damage Increased from 135 to 150
    • Standing Charge Range Increased by 36.5%
    • Crouching Charge Range Increased by 17%

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Call of Duty: War zone – Launch Trailer to the Pacific Update

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