Table space 16, only two points air for the relegation zone — logical that the viewing direction at Turkic is rather downwards. But at the same time forward, a new coach the rudder should tear around at the dealers. The Austrian Andreas Hera was presented on Monday.

Managing Director Max Kathy wishes new impulses and result-oriented football, a game idea, which brings us points. The league is thus the top pregame in the ambitious Isarstädter.

They have a bouncing squad, which will now first experience a reduction. So every player has a realistic chance to play, Kathy announced. According to Deutsche Dating at least four actors can go. Which players will be affected, Kathy did not give any information.

Reinforcing one, two positions

Not or rarely asked, for example, Yogi Saint, Furman Zomba and Luis Jacobi (each without deployed), Sinan Mariana (two games) and Sebastian Maier (four bets).

The possible zoom in and zoom out | Zooming upto  universe to atomic level
In return, Türkkhücü wants to reinforce on one, two positions, says Kathy. Where the squad has needed the most urgent quality improvement, the training camp (2 to 11 January in Belem) should provide information.