In Tweet of the Official Diablo Account it is called Prepare for Hell’s Gifts. So freely translated Makes you on hellish gifts. Who linked down tweet Liked, gets a reminder when the festivities begin. On 17.12.2021 at 19 o’clock of our time we will know what is hidden behind this tweet.

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Whoever leaves the Tweet a heart gets the automatic message You Have Opened Your Soul to Darkness. We want to Speak Again Soon. Diablo.

New Diablo merch in the shop?

Since of Gifts, so gifts is the talk, it is likely to be new clothing and other Diablo Accessories. Whereby it may come late for the Christmastime. Don’t most have the most gifts together and would arrive the merch at all in time for Christmas? Maybe it is something else.

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Is it a raffle?

At the bottom of the tweets of the tweet you will find the note: No Purchase Necessary. 18+. Void Where prohibited This type of addition can be found in sweepstakes. No Purchase NECESSARY means you do not have to acquire anything for participation, and seemingly you have to be of legal age ( 18+ ). Void Where Prohibited means as much as void, where prohibited. Can you win alcohol here, or what’s going on? The guesses are piling up.

New Diablo Announcements?

For Diablo 3 you can not expect any new information, here is just season 25 started. Diablo 4 will present his quarterly update soon, according to Rod Ferguson, but not this week. Something to the next Diablo part is therefore unlikely. Most likely, a Announcement for Diablo 2: Resurrected.

What do you think about the mysterious message? What will your opinion be acting? We are looking forward to your ideas in the comments.

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