Some games try not to incorporate politics – which, since everything is political, is often a statement as big as otherwise – but others adopt them. Especially independent games, whose creators have less to lose in betting on a powerful message. The “Keep Your Politics” pack on Steam offers 6 fantastic independent games full of biting social comments to nearly 50% off. If you want your games to make serious statements about life, the universe and the risks of totalitarianism, consult these titles. They cover a wide range of parameters and genres, but believe us, they do nothing.

The lot includes two games that explicitly refer to George Orwell, author of Animal Farm and 1984 and recognized anti-totalitarian activist. Orwell: Keeping An Eye on You put you in the role of Big Brother, invading the life of the citizens to find out who is responsible for a series of terrorist attacks. Be careful, the information you are looking for could have terrible consequences. Orwell’s Animal Farm is a text-based adventure game that serves as a direct adaptation to the video game of the novel, putting the player to the challenge of defiding the unpleasant end of a revolution that seems to become as bad as those He spilled.

NOT TONIGHT is a temporal pressure rpg that asks you if you will fight a truly unfair government or just keep your head down and hope that it passes, while 1979 Revolution: Black Friday puts you in the role of a grass photojournalist In Iran of the 1970s., A nation at the edge of the collapse. Headliner: Novinews also focuses on journalism – in particular, the impacts of news about society, your friends and your career. This award-winning ramification narrative leads to a multitude of unique purposes. Finally, we have Bury ME, My Love, an adventure game by text messaging that follows the Syrian refugee nour in the long and dangerous travel to security in Europe, while her husband Majd remains at home and the advice of the best that he can.

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These 6 games would usually cost a total of $ 78.44 CDN, but the “Keep Your Politics” batch offers them all for $ 40.64 CDN. It’s 48% discount. Do not miss this opportunity.

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