At the end of the cancellation of his new license and while the need to turn the page was probably felt, the Californian studio Hangar 13 announces a change of director.

In November 2021, we learned by Take-Two’s accounts and thanks to the additional indiscretions of Jason Schreier the cancellation of the project on which Hangar 13 worked, a studio known for the Mafia 3 released in October 2016. Rebooted several times since the start of Its production in 2017, this new license had the code name Volt and took the form of a science fiction game in open world with supernatural elements, according to the rare details that filtered.

If the cancellation of Volt has lost more than $ 50 million in Take-Two, Jason Schreier had reported in the process that no dismissal took place at Hangar 13 following this internal disappointment. Six months after this relief, we obviously do not know how to rebound Hangar 13, but we learn that Haden Blackman, who has run the studio since its creation in 2014, has just left its post. Before Hangar 13, Haden Blackman had notably climbed the ladder during his 13 years at Lucasarts, where he even finished at the head of the studio and worked on titles like Star Wars Galaxies, Star Wars: the power of the Force and Star Wars 1313.

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Haden Blackman is replaced by Nick Baynes, who joined 2K in March 2018 to lead Hangar 13 Brighton, one of the satellites of the Californian studio. Note that apart from a few aborted attempts in 2016/2017, Hangar 13 has never been responsible for doing 4 mafia, despite the comfortable performance of Mafia 3 (5 million copies distributed in a few months). The studio has revealed a remake of the first mafia in 2020.

We are grateful to Haden for his leadership in the creation of Hangar 13, the constitution and unification of the teams in Novato, Brighton and in the Czech Republic, as well as for the release of several Mafia games and collections that have honored the studio. What Haden has helped to build will continue to perpetuate himself and develop in the years to come. We support all our employees in the pursuit of their passions, and we only wish him the best for the suite “, comments 2K in a statement.

Furt 30 years of experience in the direction of industry, Nick joined Hangar 13 in 2018 to establish a hangar 13 Brighton, and has spent the last four years developing the team, strengthening the capacities of the studio and Launching great projects like Mafia: Definitive Edition and the Mafia trilogy. We are convinced that the studio is in good hands for multiple projects in progress, and the team has the total support of 2K.