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Snap you all: Elden Ring was originally a bestiary

Already for our test we had to deal with the diverse fauna of Elden Ring and also the best weapons of the game often hide behind the fearsome opponents, which keeps the Open World Roll game so for players. Because though from software had to fill a tremendous world with enemies, the arsenal is pretty impressive at indeterminations.

So that you do not lose the overview of the number of different creatures while the number of different creatures, a Bestiarium would have been quite practical: a lexicon so that the many different opponents listed as soon as you have met or defeated them for the first time. Unfortunately, Elden Ring fans have to do without such a feature – though it seems to be planned.

Enemy icons reveal potentially planned bestiary

DataMiner JesterPatches has tried around the code of Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) and promoted some interesting files to days. These are a large number of symbols that show the faces of the many opponents of the game and suggest that a comprehensive bestiary was planned. JesterPatches writes to his find on Twitter:

_ “When looking through the files of the game, I came across some symbols that let me believe that at a point a bestiary was planned. There are 128 symbols that show different NPCs. Each NPC has 2 icons, grayed out and one filled, that could not be found and found. “_

How To Get All LEGENDARY Armaments (Elden Ring Guide)

Despite the large number of symbols, but none of the bosses seem to be among them: _ “So there are 64 unique symbols. The ranges of normal soldiers and noble, to animals, half-men, even godskalpe and a couple, I do not even recognize again, but I do not see big bosses here. My favorites are what I would identify as Caelid dog, Caelid crow and dove. “_

Fans now speculate whether they really are a planned bestiary or the symbols might have a different meaning. In addition, some players raise the consideration as to whether the opponent lexicon may not have been completely discarded, but could still be submitted in a future DLC .

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Fate 2: Gamer challenges about an environment-friendly rift in Savathuns throne world – its very easy

  • You can adhere to the eco-friendly traces of a Hohn Henker daily.
  • In the throne world, darkness should also be concealed that you need to shoot.
  • There are pleasant, glowing moths that can be gathered.
  • AB as well as to meet white-glowing inquisitore troops of the radiant brood.
  • And afterwards this green break is still making lots of players beginning.

What has it with the Environment-friendly Break on himself? One of these “pointer knots” discloses after his activation, nonetheless, just an environment-friendly Break, so players problems what to do there precisely. There is no box after activation, no challengers appear as well as there is no path that you can comply with. Instead, sometimes just a sharp sword shows up or her is in an environment-friendly break.

Accessibility to this is acquired by means of different supposed depthblick nodes that you can “discover”. Particularly the concealed challenges are preferred with the players, because they make interested and also intend to be explored promptly.

Anyone Throne World’s BeiDestiny 2 in Savathuns, the new location from Witch Queen, is on the road, can find a great deal of keys. This includes the ominous green break, about whose significance as well as function players for a month challenges. The challenge remedy is quite easy and also we inform you.

Savathun’s throne world is a mysterious place where there is a lot to uncover. With the brand-new capacity of players, the deep appearance resonance, players can reveal concealed paths and locations.

What is the deep appearance? The depthblick-resonance ability can be released at Fynch, the NPC dealership of the throne world, till degree 3.
Whenever gamers in Savathun’s throne world found a black, great smoky aura, it is a deepblick node. If you after that have the right depthblick level you can trigger these nodes. Likewise in the past of tools can be checked out the depthblick capability as well as remove them for weapons crafting.

The environment-friendly break is not so amazing as you assume

These unique memorial nodes in Savathun’s throne world in fact entail no genuine trick. Instead, these are little buff-goodies that you can reach the corresponding nodes. They aid you promptly get your skills to fill up in ammo and even your super.

Depending upon what you have actually triggered, there are different pointer buffs that you can get at these unique depthblick nodes in Savathun’s throne world. They approve, depending upon the enthusiast, whopping 85% plus capability energy.

  • Remembrance of the disaster: fills your very again
  • Reminder rage: This gets her melee-energy

  • Remembrance of breakouts: An increase for your explosive

Destiny 2: ALL Darkness Rift Locations - Savathun's Throne World (No Peeking Triumph)
On top of that, you can obtain additionally, non-capability advantages from the nodes:

  • Remembrance of accuracy: Your ammo is restored
  • Remembrance of flexibility: Your jump elevation boosts
  • Often you just obtain a sharp sword donated

Anybody Throne World’s BeiDestiny 2 in Savathuns, the brand-new location from Witch Queen, is on the road, can discover a great deal of tricks. What is the deep appearance? The depthblick-resonance ability can be launched at Fynch, the NPC supplier of the throne world, until degree 3. What has it with the Environment-friendly Rift on himself? ** One of these “tip knots” reveals after his activation, however, just an eco-friendly Rift, so gamers problems what to do there precisely.

Did you understand what it has with these depthblick nodes and have you currently utilized them actively? Or are you just smarter currently? What do you state about this choice? Is something valuable, comparable to the boosted abilities regeneration of Tension on Europe? Let us like your point of view and a remark.

Disadvantage: Regrettably, the helpful life of the buffs is really brief, so you do not benefit for a very long time. The use of these unique depthblick nodes can be helpful in some situations so that it is worth recognizing how to support the private aficionados.

Highly rated open world RPG “Disco Ellidium The Final Cut” Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5 Japanese version is released this summer

Spike Chun Software announced that the open world RPG “ disco Ellidium The Final Cut ” featured by ZA / UM on March 25 was announced this summer. Supported platforms are Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5. It is scheduled to be sold in the package version and the download version, and the price is undecided.

  • Trailer released at Nintendo Direct 2021.9.24

“Disco Ellidium The Final Cut” is an open world RPG that makes the criminal of memory loss as the main character. He knew that he was criminals, he is involved in the murder case that occurred in the city and chases the truth of the incident with his buddy kim.

In the brain of the main character, there are a total of 24 personality classified as intelligence, mental, body and exercise ability. Every time I talk to or find something, it is characterized by that in my head. The table talk RPG will make various choices in a sense that interact with the game master. In addition, the personality has a growth factor, and any personality’s option to grow or changes in success rate of skill checks using dice. The player’s selection has the side of creating the protagonist person’s image.

This work is released in advance from overseas in 2019 and gained a very high rating. In addition, Best Narrative · Best Independent Game · Best Role-Playing Game · BEST ROLE-PLAYING GAME · BEST ROLE-PLAYING GAME is also nominated for many other awards and also won. There was also a volume of about one million words, and I was originally compatible with Japanese, but the Japanese version announced from PLAYISM last year. After that, the seller was changed to Spike Chun Soft, and this announced this time.

“Disco Ellidium The Final Cut” will be released this summer for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / PS5. In the magazine, I would like to check what kind of work is interested because I have published a play report in the English version.

New information of “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” such as the growth of the early area and character is released for domestic!

Spike Chen Software Launches Open World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ( Dying Light 2 Stay Human ) is Game Introduction Area and Character Growth, New Information on Parameters Published.

Introduce the area of ​​the game early! Also, about important facilities that change the structure of the city!

Old Killed is the main stage of the game early in the area where the main character and ADEN will arrive in the city City where the main character is the stage of this work. Many relatively low-rise buildings of 2 to 3 stories, with old-fashioned and quaint cityscape. There is a subway station, which is the front base of the Survivor and the front base of the piece keeper, and there is a huge wind power generator Old Killed, a large wind car that can be transmitted to most districts.

Central Loop is a district located south of Old Yellow. In the business district where modern buildings are lined up, the atmosphere is greatly different from Old Villa. In the area, in particular, in the area of ​​business, some high-rise buildings exist that many large companies were moving. In addition to being facing the sea, the canal is drawn in the district, and a huge container ship used as a headquarters of a piece keeper is anchored.

City, there is a water tower and a substation as a facility that supports citizen life. These facilities are stopped, but you can choose to assign to the survivor and piece keeper by securing and running. The power assigned the important facility will dominate the surrounding area, not only the subsequent story changes, but also the structures installed in various places. Assigning an significant facility to the survivor, a structure (Parker helper) that helps to move such as zip lines is installed at various places, and the convenience of movement is increased. Assigning a facility to a piece keeper will be installed a structure that can be used for combat such as various traps.

■ Introduce new elements on character growth and parameters!

Through Actions>


In this work, Battle and Par cool are provided with his two skill levels. The combat level defeats the enemy, allowing the Par cool level to acquire experience values ​​by performing the corresponding action, such as wall climbing and jump sliding. When the skill level goes up, it can learn new skills from each skill tree of combat and Parkour. Because actions and growth are linked, the player who actively combat uses the player who works while avoiding the enemy and actively fights, and the character’s growth is different.

↑ パ Parkour’s skill tree can learn Was run and sliding. It will be able to run the city more quickly and stylish.

↑ Battle skill tree also includes power attacks and various kicks, avoidance, blocks, and stealth attacks. Drop-kicks active in the previous work are also alive.

< Inhibitor to improve basic capabilities>

Inhibitors are chemicals that enhance human body skills. Inhibitors, he raises the upper limit of any life or stamina every time he collects three. In addition to the skill level, there is also a condition that there are more than a certain life or stamina, in addition to the skill level, and it is important for getting inhibitors to proceed smoothly. It is an element.

In this work, in addition to life and stamina, there is an immunity parameter. The immunity represents the resistance to THV (Phalangers) and decreases in the dark place where his THV, such as in the facility or at night. Be careful when acting in night or darkness, as the immunity becomes 0 when he reaches 0. In addition, strengthening your life and stamina using inhibitors will also be able to act in the dark, longer as immune motivations.

↑ A blue mushroom called UV Sch house is a consumer item that restores the immunity and can be collected in each city. When exploring within and nighttime for a long time, it is a mobile required item.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human will be released on February 4 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). Nintendo switch version (cloud version) will also be released during 2022.

Four titles in a race: Friedrichs masterpiece

In just one race, Francesco Friedrich hold four titles: European champion, World Cup winner, total World Cup winner in the two-bob and overall winner in both disciplines. The double Olympic champion from the BSC Oberbänburg won on Saturday in the Swiss Engaging in the small sled with pushers Thorsten Margin.


After two runs he referred the Canadian Justin Krupps with 0.19 seconds ranked two. Krupps, who was at the same time in 2018 in Pyongyang with Friedrich Olympias champion, drove in the second run in 1: 05.80 minutes, but could not intercept the Saxony. World Cup third parties and EM second was the Berchtesgaden Johannes Locker launching for Stuttgart.

We are great happy. Now it goes in two weeks after Beijing. We drive with a good feeling.

Francesco Friedrich

Like Friedrich, Locker drove with Florian Bauer with his Olympic Answer. Christoph’s oats from BC Bad Fallback came with Matthias Summer on World Cu prang Eight and EM Square Six.

We’re great. Now it’s going to Beijing in two weeks. We drive with a good feeling, said Friedrich, who, except the Patter in Signal (Twelve), won all the World Cups in the small sledge.

Jamaica ensures surprise

Previously, Mariana Jamaica had taken care of the BRC Thuringia for a surprise. With a hundredth of a hundredth, the two-bob-Olympic champion took himself to Laura Note from Winter berg the European Championship title in the Monobob. In the parallel World Cup she came in four in front of Note. The World Cup victor secured US Pilot Baillie Humphries from Team Collegian Elena Meyer Taylor, which after two runs had 0.04 seconds behind Humphries. World coup dress was the Canadian Cynthia Appear.

I got my best Monobob result in my World Cup time. European champion in the Monobob, you have to digest first. St. Moritz is a route that lies me. I was glad I could show two ordinary runs in the Monobob. I’m just looking forward, said Jamaica, who still does not like the Olympic discipline held for the first time in Beijing.

Ludwig Holt Total World Cup — Lock and Langerhans Complete success

Rennbodler Johannes Ludwig has relied on back and for the first time three weeks before the start of the games, the entire World Cup won. The Olympia third led on its home station in Oberon with rail record a German triple stream in front of Max Langerhans (Friedrichroda / + 0.304 seconds) and the former Dominator Felix Hole (Berchtesgaden / + 0,316), for which 35-year-olds it was already the fifth season win.

It really ran like the lacing today. There are days, there’s a lot going on.

Johannes Locker

It really ran like the lacing today. There are days, there’s a lot going on. Overall, it was really nice, said Ludwig, who had missed the podium last weekend in Latvian Sigurd, I felt really comfortable on the train, It was really fun.

Record World Champion Lock (32), whose mold curve is further pointing up after a difficult season in Oberon, was ranked two in Sigurd. At the kick-off, hole with two second seats on the Olympic run near Beijing and in Sochi still convinced, then the three-time Olympic champion did not make it no longer on the podium. In December, a corona infection also caused a forced break.

Hole’s praise for the Hans

It was a great day. At the moment I’m full of Happy, standing on the podium. Especially after my corona infection, said hell: Hans has gained a really horny run twice and earned. Chris Either (Wicket) landed on Saturday in Oberon in place ten, David Nadler (Oberon) drove at his World Cup debut on his home rail on a considerable 13th place.

Until the winter games in Beijing (4 to 20 February) is still one last World Cup station in the racing calendar: Next weekend is rising in St. Moritz (22/23 January) the dress rehearsal for Olympia.

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