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Valorant Fade Guide: skills, equipment and tips explained

Fade had an urgent presence appreciation ‘s community since her leak. This was further advanced when the shooting range was updated and Paranoia exercised on everyone who explored the new area. Now fade has been fully introduced and all of their skills have either been leaked or unveiled, and they are scary, both for the agents who affect them, as well as for the players who have to compete against them. As with every new agent in Valorant, it will take a while for everyone to find out how fade fits the meta. In order to give you a lead, we will go through all your skills and some tips for your use.

Fades skills and how to use them

Spuk (e)

Calculate a nightmarish being. Press “Fire” to throw the ball that falls to the ground after a defined time. When meeting on the floor, the ball shows the position of enemies that are located in its line of sight. The enemy team can destroy the entity, although the players can reuse the ability to drop the projectile in flight early.

This is a great tool to remove a crossfire because you can throw it where you want to push it, and either have to shoot the enemies on the ball and tell them where they are, or they are uncovered and they can Please deal with them.

take (Q)

Calculate a sphere of terrible ink. Press “Fire” to throw another ball that falls to the ground after a defined time. As soon as the ball touches the floor, it explodes into a black ink and creates a zone from which enemies cannot escape with normal means (if they are caught on their radius). Players can reuse the ability to drop the projectile in flight early.

This ability fits your E well and enables you to block someone you unveiled. It also works with any other recovering ability of your team, since the normal reaction to being uncovered by SOVA or Cypher is to move. Just be careful because the loop does not affect the ability to shot, as is the case with vibrations. So you can still defend yourself when you swing into you. You can combine the loop with harmful Aoe capability such as Kay/OS Splitter or any Molotow to punish the rooted person.

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drivers around (c)

Calculate a driver. Press “Feuer” to send the Prowler so that it moves in a straight line. The Prowler captures all enemies or traces in his frontal viewing cone and chases them by seeing them nearby when he reaches them. Hold down the fire button to control the Prowler.

This is another great tool to either rinse an enemy from a corner in which he is hiding, or to give you an advantage when you get an advantage. You can also apply it to an enemy who gives up the view and tries to run away to prevent him from returning and fight against the rest of your team.

dawn (x)

Carrow yourself out with the strength of fear. Press the “fire” to send out a wave of nightmarish energy that can penetrate the walls. The energy creates a trail to the opponent and stuns and decomposes it.


Fades Ult is great to start or end a push on one side. The traces show you exactly where the enemies went when they entered the visor so that they can hunt them. As soon as you have managed to find you, you will have less health and you may not hear so that you can surprise you. You can also use Fades Ult to take a site again. Overall, Fade seems to be a great operator who can add to her arsenal. Especially if you can do it for free.

While Fade may not be a groundbreaking agent, he is a must in every game. She seems to be one of the stronger agents and doesn’t really have someone who does something like it. If you need more help to valorant, you definitely read our other guides.

Appreciation is now available on the PC.

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The official colors of the ultra ego de Vegeta are revealed

During the last months, fans of _ Dragon Ball Super _ have been able to enjoy an interesting fight between Goku, Vegeta and Granolah. It was in this fight, where the prince of the Sayajins revealed the new transformation of him, the ultra ego. Now, thanks to the publication of the color manga in Japan, we already have a good look at the way this new power looks.

Although at the end of last year, a series of illustrations were revealed that gave us the first look at the official colors of the Ultra Ego, it was not until a few days ago that the most recent color of the sleeve of Dragon Ball Super was published in Japan, that the fans finally have a quality look at this speculated aspect of the current arch of this story.

Ultra Ego Vegeta's OFFICIAL COLORS REVEALED! His Hair is Purple?! | Dragon Ball Super

Just as the fans had speculated, the ultra ego is a transformation that makes use of the violet, but with a more pink tone to reflect the energy that remains . Considering that the anime is very faithful to this type of official jobs, this gives us a short look at the way Vegeta will be seen by using this power once this work returns to television.

On related topics, Cell will return in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero? In the same way, Piccoro will have a new transformation into this film.

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