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PlayStation addresses your uncertainties with the brand-new PS And also: Just how to change subscription, settlement dates and also even more

The brand-new PS Plus shows up in June much less than two months are entrusted to come down on Sony consoles, so the business is putting the batteries to solve the main uncertainties that attack the players with the adjustment. They do, for currently, updating the main website of PS And also, with an area of constant inquiries that we detail listed below.

With the news of the brand-new PS Plus, Sony PlayStation seeks to modify its model to supply a more total and also much less diversified subscription service, removing PS Currently of the equation and providing to customers of PS4 and PS5 three new kinds Subscription with different rewards.

How will PS plus alter?

PlayStation Now combines with PlayStation And also developing a service with a number of subscription degrees. They comment that The present rewards of both will belong to the brand-new plus , so this would certainly suggest that there is no existing content, something that denies the current details.

What takes place if I’m already authorized?

This is easy, because if the expiry date is not established prior to the arrival of the new model just will instantly move our subscription to the new PS And also strategy that corresponds to us, preserving the benefits and advantages for which we have paid. If we are subscribed just to PS And also, we will become component of PS And Also Vital , one of the most fundamental degree, however with the very same cost and also motivations as till currently.

As well as with the clients to And also as well as Currently?

If it is our instance, having the subscriptions to the 2 services active will make our account move to PlayStation And Also Costs , the highest possible level of the brand-new model. There will certainly be a new distinct settlement date based on the subscription that finishes later on, and also a notice by mail will be sent out with the brand-new day and also the subscription quota, which includes what Plus as well as Currently.

Does it maintain accumulated all the time?

The response below is basic: Yes The subscription will be preserved throughout the time, only transformed to the brand-new PS Plus.

Just how to transform PS And also Additional or Premium?

Above the vital, there are 2 degrees in the new version: additional as well as costs. When the brand-new subscription strategies show up, we can transform one with more efficiency and we will be billed a prorated cost to move the remaining time of the current subscription to the preferred level.

They put an example that, if we get a 12 -month subscription 5 months back as well as there are 7 months left, we will certainly have to pay a prorated cost to transform the preferred strategy during those 7 months. When the next settlement date shows up, the conventional cost of the subscription strategy to which we have actually changed with the present payment regularity will certainly be billed.

What consist of the various levels?

Although there is some controversy as a result of the clog of PS Plus and PS NOW prepaid cards, the brand-new PlayStation subscription solution model come down on June 22 in Europe. You can already get in touch with the days prepared for its arrival to the remainder of the territories.

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix

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Netflix “mutual uninstalled principles that” vs SKB “

As soon as the SK Broadband and Netflix have set the use of Netflix, the appeal of the end of the net, the new legal controversy is spreading fiercely.

The big framework logic is similar to the first time. However, Netflix has been attracting attention that “Bill and Keep. Mutual Unconsaline) ‘principle, and the SK Broadband is against a new rule called’ the right of a trader ‘.

In relation to these laws, the trial is expected to demonstrate a substantially legal confrontation while requiring a concrete argument as an answer.

The trial requested a separate answer to the Netflix data dedicated to the Netflix data, which has been established on both sides on the 17th of the 17th, and the actual cost burden, and a separate answer to the Actual Cost and the Principles of Bill &

■ Network costs disappeared with OCA

First, Netflix repeated the claim that the SK Broadband, which is the ISP, via its own CDN Open Connect (OCA), reduces costs. It is a claim that the cost of traffic costs are reduced through OCA installed in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In addition, the SK Broadband has a relay-access cost that needs to take on its OCA, and has a claim that it is for Netflix and the benefits of each other, and for the benefits of the Bill & Region.

In 1 Simplicity, the net flices that have been embedded, respectively, each of which has been embedded, respectively,

The SK Broadband refused for this claim. First of all, it was clear that there is no cost reduction in OCA. Even if overseas OCA has a significant cost for operating management to domestic Internet subscribers, it is a significant cost of operating management, and even if OCA is installed in Korea, it is the cost of data transfer, IDC utility, electricity fee, and Netflix is ​​ignoring it.

Facebook, including Apple TV, and the case of Disney Plus, and I heard that it is paying for an emergency for a net use form similar to Netflix. In addition, the OCA, which has entered the aquarium and the CDN, was that Netflix said that there was a data transmission obligation to send themselves.

■ Mutual unconfiguration is an ISP transaction practice

The SK Broadband pointed out that Netflix is ​​the Internet principle, and Pil & Ant is the premise.

The method of settlement of the Bill Anchor is that it does not claim traffic settlement costs, such as transaction traffic ratios, and the like, and the transaction practice between the period carriers has no corresponding matters. Netflix means that depending on the telecommunications business law, which is clear that the CP certificate of CP is definitely, but it is aware of the concept of attracting the concept that does not meet the situation.

In addition, Bill Anches also emphasized that they are all the time of payment in network usage between ISPs.

■ “Network utilization consultation”

Netflix puts the SK Broadband and the cost settlement from the beginning. On the other hand, SK Broadband was strongly refuted that such an explicit implied agreement did not exist.

The SK Broadband has been constantly requiring cost for the reasons for the data transfer of Netflix, international traffic, network expansion, and server link capacity. It is an explanation that not an uninstalled agreement, but a consultation that has been deployed as a premise.

The SK Broadband took out the recent payment claims, followed by the Netflix, according to the return of unfair gains in Netflix. Depending on the commercial law, the merchant will be able to claim a considerable repair when the trader is actually conducting for others.

It is a periodic communication company that provides internet-only line service is that it is an act within the operating range according to the commercial law.


The trial also demanded that the only line that the SK Broadband was built is mechanically, and how it is physically used. The Netflix has omitted this part of this part. I decided to ask if I had a deal in another CP.

The next aristent date is May 18th.

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