The General Samples for the second major running game could not have been different: While the DHB team had laid down the weakest tournament performance on Thursday, and against defending champion Spain took the shorter, Norway set up a new EM Foreword against Poland. Sander Sago sen of the THW Kiel and the left outside Sebastian Bartholdi outstanding in the tournament had met ten times alone.

At least the Corona situation around the German handball players on Friday did not worry even further, for the first time for a few days, all test results were negatively failed. Julius Kuhn, first corona case in the German team at the EM, did not receive a release, which is why the DHB selection with the 16-squad from the Spain game acted.

DHB team uses Norway’s weapons

National coach Alfred Gílson once again trusted in Philipp Weber and Julian Foster as a thinker and handlebar, the rear organized defense specialist Simon Ernst. And the DHB selection came amazingly good in the game: Captain Johannes Golda set his second gate from a circle to 3: 1. In addition, the European Champion of 2016 used the weapons of Norwegians – right outside Lukas Were set in TempoGegeg to 4: 2 and 5: 3 (11th).

A meal factor was Keeper Johannes Bitter, who lay after 15 minutes at an outstanding good fishing rate of 50 percent. At the break, the 39-year-old had already piled nine parades. But the attack was the big problem, Norway took over in a phase in which Germany remained without his own hits over six minutes, at the 7: 6 for the first time the leadership (19th).

Second Norwegian suit is sitting

With the second suit in the back – so without the Kiel Sago sen and Harald Ranking – the Norwegians aged in an attack significantly stronger. At the stand of 9:12, the DHB selection threatened to disappoint the game. But led by the secure restraint bitter, the German team with only two goals behind the break (12:14).

After the side change Norway came in much better, built the lead directly on four hits (16:12). Erik Thorsten Soft, chosen with seven goals of the best thrower and later to the Man of the Match, was allowed to close too often from the second row in the first section.

In defense and attack, the DHB selection lacked solutions to embarrass the Vice world champion of 2017 and 2019. Gílson had to react and turned to the 3: 2: 1 defense with Foster at the top before the tournament, brought Daniel Reimann between the posts.

Individual class is committed by

However, as a red thread through the game, the German team had to fight for every single goal, while Norway came back and again to simple hits out of the back. In the moments in which Gílson’s protégés could have recurred again, the necessary cleverness was missing. Some unfortunate decisions of the Slovenian referee Bajan LAH and David So did the rest.

In the final quarter-hour, the individual class of the Norwegian became more and more clear. In the best cast was the team of Coach Mountains for the DHB selection weakened with eleven Corona cases was too strong and ripped off. After 60 minutes it was 28:23 for Norway. The semi-final opportunities of the German team have fallen significantly in view of 2: 4 points. Only the two best teams of the two six groups reach the final part.

The table situation of the German main round group

For the German team, on Sunday (18 o’clock, live! At Norway) continue with the next heavy game against Sweden. The reigning Vice World Champion made short process with Poland on Friday. On the Norwegians, now at 4: 2 points, waiting for two and a half hours later the duel with the Spaniards still lost in the tournament, which needed against Russia in the final second but postpone.

Germany – Norway 23:28 (12:14)

Germany: Bitter (HSV Hamburg), Reimann (fresh on Göttingen) – Golda (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 4, Foster (VFL Gummersbach) 3, Weber (SC Magdeburg) 3, Eichmann (Mt Messenger) 2, Wide (Fuchs Berlin) 2, Vienna CEA (THW Kiel) 2, Were (TBV Lego Lipped) 2, Viewer (TVB Stuttgart) 2, D. Schmidt (Burnisher HC) 1, Steiner (HC Erlangen) 1, State (Burnisher HC) 1
Norway: Berger, Cameras – Thorsteinsen Soft 7, Harold 4/1, Sago sen 4, Johnson 3, Ranking 3, Sols tad 2, Overjoyed 2, O’Sullivan 1, Tonnes 1, Overly 1
Referee: Bajan LAH (Slovenia) / David So (Slovenia)
Spectators: 2021
Criminal minutes: 4/6
Disqualification: \ – / –