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Charts France: Pokemon Arceus stronger than Dying Light 2, here is the top 5 sales

True to his habits, the Sell and GFK revealed on the Monday morning the ranking of the best sellers of video games in France. A top 5, without real figure, since GFK keeps its data very much, knowing that to access it, you have to get out of the CB. In the meantime, it can be noted that for week 5, that of 31 January to 6 February 2022, legends Pokémon Arceus continues to establish its supremacy despite its obsolete and dated realization of the PS2 era. Players on Nintendo Switch does not stop at Open World’s graphics and proposal, as repetitive, does not prevent the game from selling themselves as small breads. To the point that Dying Light 2 does not even manage to take his crown if only his week of exit.

Top 10 BEST Pokémon In Legends Arceus

On PC on the other hand, it’s completely different since Techland’s share-RPG succeeds in taking the first two places, thanks to its collector and standard editions. The Wiccher 3 and Football Manager 2022 tumbles, but Farming Simulator 22 clings to third place.

Charts France Week 5 (from January 31st to February 6th 2022)

1 / Legends Pokémon Arceus (Switch – Nintendo)

2 / Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection (PS5 – Nintendo)

3 / Dying Light 2 (PS5 – Koch Media)

4 / Dying Light 2 (PS4 – Koch Media)

5 / Mario Party Superstars (Switch – Nintendo)

Top 3 PC

1 / Farming Simulator 22 (Giants Software)

2 / The Wiccher 3: Wild Hunt Game of the Year Edition (CD Projekt Red)

3 / Football Manager 2022 (SEGA)

Dying Light 2: How to get the secret frying pan of the Destiny

You want a secret weapon during the zombie apocalypse you say? Well, it’s dangerous to go alone, take the… Pan of Destiny.

In Dying Light 2 you will find a secret pan weapon known as Pan of Destiny. You can only get this ultimate weapon from a space chicken, which you can encounter during the Mission Now Or Never. The quest, known as Space Cock, finally leads you to the reward from A Mjöllnir like a frying pan that makes you feel similar to Thor. I say that because the frying pan will act like a never-ending Bumerang gun, as they can throw them on zombies, just to keep them loyal and unbroken. So, if you want to have this crazy weapon dying light 2, get ready to throw yourself down in front of the space chicken Brunek.

Dying Light 2 - How to get the secret Pan of Destiny Weapon (Space Chicken quest)

How to find the secret weapons mission Space Cock

Towards the end of the main history, they are brought to the fortress to face the leader of the Renegades, Colonel. As always on arrival, they have the choice to fight themselves through the terrain or to blend themselves, but do not go immediately to the questmark if they want the pan of the Destiny. Continue looking up the stairs in the fortress until they hit one of the top spaces with an orange tent. The tent initially blocks her view, but make sure that you find the locked chicken in that you can do what every reasonable person would do, and talk to him.

It is important to note that this is definitely not your only opportunity to visit Brunek, but it’s certainly the most comfortable.

So, lay the storm on the castle on ice and talk to the chicken. This chicken will then explain that it comes from space, after which fracture landing is now caught on the earth and only can go home if you find a spaceship part for it, which marks it on the map for you.

If you are still on the Now or Never mission to find the Colonel, I recommend to put Space Cock in the waiting loop to end the main mission for which you were sent there. At this point there is no reason to delay it further, and it would be rude to let Colonel wait longer. So after she cared for him and have completed this mission, you can go to the designated marker to collect the remaining spaceship part. As you get to this mark, it can actually change, depending on which end of the game you get or to control you, but I will not comment here. Spoiler-free zone friends.

As soon as you have the spaceship part, you have to return to the space tap Brunek. Again he is in the Stronghold room with the orange tent. Even if “Now Or Never” is completed, it will certainly be a difficult way back, but I’m sure you will find the way back in one way or another.

If you are back with the chicken, give the mission off and after a bit chatting, the bird will try to take them to bring them away from the zombie craziness that goes in their world. Of course, that fails, damn, but to pay it home to you anyway, you helped him, you get a plan called Zoltan’s pan.

Request your reward and finally reach the Pan of Destiny. Even if this frying pan usually looks, it is anything but ordinary. The pan of the Destinys always returns to their chosen back, similar to Thors Hammer, and they do not break, so they have an unlimited throwing weapon from now on! It is important to note that the frying pan does not cause a major damage, but that’s in order, considering that you now have a reliable throwing weapon at any time. In addition, it is pretty urkomous to constantly beat zombies with a mystical frying pan over the head.

Space Cock is a pretty simple side quest, as the hardest part is to find Brunek. Click on the link to get our full report on Dying Light 2, and then enjoy the Pan of Destiny.

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New information of “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” such as the growth of the early area and character is released for domestic!

Spike Chen Software Launches Open World Action RPG Ding Light 2 Stay Human ( Dying Light 2 Stay Human ) is Game Introduction Area and Character Growth, New Information on Parameters Published.

Introduce the area of ​​the game early! Also, about important facilities that change the structure of the city!

Old Killed is the main stage of the game early in the area where the main character and ADEN will arrive in the city City where the main character is the stage of this work. Many relatively low-rise buildings of 2 to 3 stories, with old-fashioned and quaint cityscape. There is a subway station, which is the front base of the Survivor and the front base of the piece keeper, and there is a huge wind power generator Old Killed, a large wind car that can be transmitted to most districts.

Central Loop is a district located south of Old Yellow. In the business district where modern buildings are lined up, the atmosphere is greatly different from Old Villa. In the area, in particular, in the area of ​​business, some high-rise buildings exist that many large companies were moving. In addition to being facing the sea, the canal is drawn in the district, and a huge container ship used as a headquarters of a piece keeper is anchored.

City, there is a water tower and a substation as a facility that supports citizen life. These facilities are stopped, but you can choose to assign to the survivor and piece keeper by securing and running. The power assigned the important facility will dominate the surrounding area, not only the subsequent story changes, but also the structures installed in various places. Assigning an significant facility to the survivor, a structure (Parker helper) that helps to move such as zip lines is installed at various places, and the convenience of movement is increased. Assigning a facility to a piece keeper will be installed a structure that can be used for combat such as various traps.

■ Introduce new elements on character growth and parameters!

Through Actions>


In this work, Battle and Par cool are provided with his two skill levels. The combat level defeats the enemy, allowing the Par cool level to acquire experience values ​​by performing the corresponding action, such as wall climbing and jump sliding. When the skill level goes up, it can learn new skills from each skill tree of combat and Parkour. Because actions and growth are linked, the player who actively combat uses the player who works while avoiding the enemy and actively fights, and the character’s growth is different.

↑ パ Parkour’s skill tree can learn Was run and sliding. It will be able to run the city more quickly and stylish.

↑ Battle skill tree also includes power attacks and various kicks, avoidance, blocks, and stealth attacks. Drop-kicks active in the previous work are also alive.

< Inhibitor to improve basic capabilities>

Inhibitors are chemicals that enhance human body skills. Inhibitors, he raises the upper limit of any life or stamina every time he collects three. In addition to the skill level, there is also a condition that there are more than a certain life or stamina, in addition to the skill level, and it is important for getting inhibitors to proceed smoothly. It is an element.

In this work, in addition to life and stamina, there is an immunity parameter. The immunity represents the resistance to THV (Phalangers) and decreases in the dark place where his THV, such as in the facility or at night. Be careful when acting in night or darkness, as the immunity becomes 0 when he reaches 0. In addition, strengthening your life and stamina using inhibitors will also be able to act in the dark, longer as immune motivations.

↑ A blue mushroom called UV Sch house is a consumer item that restores the immunity and can be collected in each city. When exploring within and nighttime for a long time, it is a mobile required item.

Ding Light 2 Stay Human will be released on February 4 for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). Nintendo switch version (cloud version) will also be released during 2022.

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