Today it was revealed that the PlayStation 5 has already been 17.3 million units sold since its launch in November 2020. The new console of Sony , despite the problems of scarcity, has had a strong Start, but not as strong as the Japanese company anticipated.

PlayStation Loses $25 Billion and Reduces PS5 Sales Forecast

As part of his most recent financial report, Sony said they anticipated selling 14.8 million ps5 by March 2022, however, considering the problems related to the lack of chips and microcomponents, the niphnean firm reduced This figure at 11.5 million units sold. Hiroki Totoki, Financial Director at Sony , said the following:

“Unfortunately, due to limitations in the supply of components, especially semiconductors, and an increase in delivery times, as a result of the interruption of the global distribution supply chain, we have reviewed our PS5 units sales forecast of fiscal year 21 to 11.5 million.

The limitations in the supply of components are expected to continue in the future, but we continue to do everything possible to satisfy the strong demand of PS5. “

Totoki does not expect these problems to be solved in the short term, however, he considers that it is important that Sony maintain their high expectations.

Editor’s note: Unfortunately, this problem is also impacting other industries, and not only that of video games. It is also a problem that is out of the hands of many of these companies, so the only solution is currently adapting to the needs of the market.