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DFB director of Bierhoff with the coronavirus infected

Bierhoff missed an appointment with the new Academy in Frankfurt and has moved in isolation immediately.

DFB PK – Oliver Bierhoff, Lukas Podolski & Mario Gomez 10/11/15
The DFB Director himself sent a video message that he can not perceive the appointment.
In the last week Bierhoff was still present at the World Cup draw in Qatar.
When presenting the campus, which is to be opened in the summer, lacked Secretary-General Heike Ullrich.
Through the program, Tobias’s main academic leader led.
The 53-year-old beerhoff directed in his message, holding the DFB campus for a quantum leap.

Contract until 2025: Frankfurt brings a little from Munich

As the Eintracht announced in a press release, little in the summer will be released to the Frankfurt. The contract of the 17-year-old in Munich runs out after the current season. Little was used 17 times for the U 19 Bavaria in the current season and scored four hits, and he once met in three missions for the U 23 of Munich. Now the talent in Frankfurt is supposed to taste Bundesliga air for the first time: “With Marcel little we will win a large German midfield talent. In the FC Bayern Munich, he enjoyed training at the highest level in the past five years and we would like to continue to drive them on,” Frankfurt’s sports council is pleased. Markus Krösche. “At his age, Marcel is of course only at the beginning of his development in the men’s area, which is why we will build him carefully.”

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