Unfortunately, Call of Duty Vanguard has been rejected by the community since its launch last November, and for a good reason. The title of Sledgehammer Games faces many problems that it takes to be corrected, despite the good will of the study to improve the bad state of the game. The different developers have announced, and in particular Sledgehammer Games, the postponement of the launch of Season 2 of Vanguard and Call of Duty: War zone Pacific, to correct the issues encountered in the different games and, lately, the of Vanguard It is the one that more and more concerns brings for the players.

Vanguard players complain about respawn

If you ever played Call of Duty Vanguard, you must have noticed you quite faster than respawns are totally broken . Since the publication of the title, this issue is still present, despite a correction made by the study shortly after its launch.


In REDDIT , a user called Wayne expressed its frustration because The reappearance system caused different game modes as domination to be completely unplayable . According to him, he often reappears near his allies, who are then in the middle of a fight with enemies right next to them, or sometimes it is blocked by his allies and then becomes an easy target.

From the comments that followed Reddit’s publication, he unfortunately is not the only one who discovered that the respawns are a huge headache in Vanguard, being a huge real issue for players who are playing the title at this time. In addition, in our writing we also face this issue, since it is very difficult to stay calm when we are in front of an enemy, and they chain three deaths followed without knowing what happens.

We only have to hope that Sledgehammer Games Solve, once and for all, this issue that makes life impossible in Vanguard . For the record, the title has been designated as the game with the worst system of reappearance, so the study has to put on the batteries so that the last title of the franchise is at least playable.