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Gotham Knights: Release-Termin des Superhelden

Although there were always rumors and speculation around the release date of the superhero game Gotham Knights. But only now WB Games Montreal has made an official statement in this regard and proclaimed the concrete date.

As can be read in the Twitter channel of the developer studio, Gotham Knights should appear on 25 October 2022 for both the PC and for the consoles. Then you may hatch in the roles of Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl to put the crafts in Gotham City. In the Tweet, it also means: “Gotham will always need his heroes. Get ready for a completely new adventure on October 25, 2022 #Gothamknights.”

Whether and when there will be a way to snuff in the game of Gotham Knights in advance, so far is not known. It could certainly be that before a corresponding playtest takes place or a suitable demo appears. In addition, the publication of a real gameplay trailer would certainly be desirable.

Gotham Knights - We FINALLY Have a Release Date! New Trailer COMING SOON?!

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The criminal hunt in Gotham Knights starts in October

The dark knight no longer exists. But you can play four other superheroes in Gotham Knights.

The fact that the DC adventure Gotham Knights should come to the market sometime later this year, has been stuck for some time. Only the concrete date was missing so far. This has developed developers Warner Bros. Games Montreal now. Gotham Knights is scheduled to market worldwide on October 25th. Thus, the Action RPG only appears 14 days later than the recently shifted foresken of Square Enix.

Gotham Knights - We FINALLY Have a Release Date! New Trailer COMING SOON?!
In Gotham Knights, you do not take a variety of control over Bruce Wayne Alias ​​Batman. He died a few years ago and after also commissioners Gordon blessed the temporal, the crime numbers in Gotham City in the height. But Batman has foreseen that and drums old companions with a previously recorded video message together to give the stop. Accordingly, in Gotham Knights, she eliminates itself in the role of Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin or Red Hood and tries to restore right and order.

Gotham Knights appears for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the PC.

The release date for Gotham Knights is finally tight

Over the past few days, the rumor cuisine brooded around Gotham Knights again a bit stronger. Among other things, the reference to a first playtest had appeared on Steam. This again triggered speculation that there may be important news about the action roleplay soon. That should beware, because now there are a concrete release date .

When does Gotham Knights appear?

The developer studio WB Games Montreal has recently told himself to speak Via Twitter to finally ventilate the secret. How to show out of the Tweet in a relatively tightset, Gotham Knights comes on 25 October 2022 for the PC and consoles on the market. Furthermore, it says in the Tweet: _ “Gotham will always need his heroes. Get ready for a completely new adventure on October 25, 2022”._

Release rumors have not been true

Thus, the speculation around a release in the near future will be final AD ACTA. A few days ago, for example, the rumor was circulating, accordingly Gotham Knights allegedly already appeared on April 24, 2022. However, this was strange for several reasons. This is the case of the 24th April ** for a Sunday, was extremely unusual for the release of a new game. In addition, the lead for promotional actions in such a speedy release would be extremely short.

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That awaits you at Gotham Knights

The story of the action role-playing game is a few years after the death Bruce Waynes and thus of the original Batman. The resulting power gap has exploited the criminal bosses of Gotham City to spread again and to ensure chaos. Through a video message excited, it is Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood to put the craft the crafts.

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