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Offers PS5 and PS4: Spider

Sony Interactive Entertainment hSony Interactive announced a new promotion of offers in more than 500 titles of PS5 and PS4 through PS Store. Under the seal of games for less than 20 euros , the Japanese company wants PlayStation users to access titles of enormous quality for less than that price; Among them, Marvel’s Spider-Man Got for PS4 or the collection that meets all the Games of the Naruto saga of CyberConnect2. Let’s look at a look, since There are fSony Interactivecinating rebates .

PlayStation essential games with large discounts

Although the most outstanding offer is Marvel’s Spider-Man Got (includes the additional stories of The city that never sleeps), which costs 19.99 euros for a limited time, is also interesting the price of Naruto Shipped: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy , which includes the four original episodes of the Saga More Road to Boru to; That is, the full story of the manganese, from the origin of Naruto in the hidden village of the leaf until the final very. All for 13.99 euros.

In the same way, it is striking Sony InteractivesSony Interactivesin’s Creed: The Ohio Collection for 12.49 euros, including Sony InteractivesSony Interactivesin’s Creed 2, Revelation and Brotherhood. For the rest, person 5, Star Wars Battlefront II, Diablo III Eternal Collection, Dragon Ball Fighter… The promotion will be available until next February 2, 2022, in PS Store . All PS4 titles can be executed on PS5 via retraction.

Best deals on PS4 and PS5 games for less than 20 euros

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man Got for PS4 for 19.99 euros — before 49.99 euros
  • Sony InteractivesSony Interactivesin’s Creed Odyssey — Deluxe Edition for PS4 for 19.54 euros before by 84.99 euros.
  • Sony InteractivesSony Interactivesin’s Creed Origins for PS4 for 17.49 euros before by 69.99 euros.
  • Sony InteractivesSony Interactivesin’s Creed The Ohio Collection for PS4 for 12.49 euros before by 49.99 euros.
  • Dead by Daylight for PS4 & PS5 for 14.99 euros before for 29.99 euros.
  • Diablo III: Eternal Collection for PS4 for 19.79 euros before for 59.99 euros.
  • Dragon Ball Fighter for PS4 for 9.79 euros before by 69.99 euros.
  • Naruto Shipped: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy for PS4 for 13.99 euros before by 69.99 euros.
  • Person 5 for PS4 for 17.99 euros before for 59.99 euros.
  • Rainbow Six Siege — Deluxe Edition for PS4 & PS5 for 8.99 euros before for 29.99 euros.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II for PS4 for 4.99 euros before by 19.99 euros.
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition for PS4 for 15.99 euros before for 39.99 euros.

We will be able to buy his PS5 live from Sony factories in France, explanations


While the scarcity of components has not finished putting the massive manufacturing of new machines like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S, Sony Interactive Entertainment continues to find a way to go directly to its customers. There is of course the entire digital market that is accelerating on the game and software to the detriment of physical resellers, but it seems that for consoles, accessories and all materials, the builders also consider ignoring stores that have storefront. If this direct sale to individuals for his equipment is something that has been around since 2019 in the United States, and for some words in some European countries, Sony Interactive Entertainment has just launched the service for France. Her name ? The Direct PlayStation, a less significant title and allows customers to buy products via the site in question and to be delivered live. Be careful, however, the process is somewhat different from an online shopping site, since it must first be registered with its PSN account to be part of a list and be drawn to buy the material. Wish. Consoles, controllers, face plates and other accessories, everything is available on the PlayStation Direct website and if the service is only in its infancy today, it is obvious that all this is generalized in the years to come. Still a blow for big specialized brands in the video game…

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