Pokémon Legends Areas is finally here, and shakes the standard Pokemon formula in a way that we had never seen before. This entry into the long-term creature capture franchise is an open world output on the same line as Breath of the Wild.

We transport ourselves to the ancient past of the Singh region, known here as the HIS UI region, to search for Pokemon while wandering for its natural habitats. With a headquarters parked in Jubilee Village, players have the task of completing survey missions to learn more about the creatures that live in HIS UI.

On the way, you will certainly have more than a few questions about how the new game mechanics work, how to get certain useful elements, where to find certain Pokemon and more. This Pokémon Legends Areas wiki guide will provide useful tips, tricks and other useful information when traveling to the HIS UI region for the first time.

Pokemon Legends Areas Guide Wiki

  • Release date: January 28, 2022
  • Developer : usual game
  • Editor : Nintendo, the Pokemon company
  • Platforms : Nintendo Switch

General information

  • Collect mysterious gifts
  • Are the Shiny Starters blocked? Answered
  • What happens if you fall apart, and you faint? Answered
  • Increase the space of the bag (inventory size)
  • How the exchange of experiences works

Basic concepts of Pokemon Legends Areas

Sprint and run faster
* Get new clothes and sets
* Exchanging Pokemon and articles
* Mount and mount Pokemon
* Explanation of space-time WARP fields: What are and how to use them
* Explanation of styles: go from an agile style to a strong style

traps Pokemon and meets the requests.

  • Sleep and catch Pokemon easily
  • Get Hessian Breviary and fly
  • Traps Shay min (requests “a sample of strength”)
  • Catch Dark (request “the dark nightmare”)

_ We will actualize our wiki guide as we deepen on Pokémon Legends Areas, so be sure to re-check soon.

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