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Nintendo Switch Oled now offered – currently with you following week

The Nintendo Switch Oled is challenging to obtain. At Otto you can purchase the console-delivery time just 2-3 functioning days.

Now Otto has activated a quota. It is worth it swiftly! .

Get Nintendo Switch Oled from Otto


Nintendo Switch Oled: Creative renovation

You can purchase the console from Otto for 349 euros . According to the carrier, the delivery time is just 2-3 working days , so you can hold the device in your hands following week!

Playing on the means is also a little bit extra pleasant because Nintendo additionally worked on the display . The speaker has actually also gotten an upgrade as well as the inner storage area was increased to 64 GB **.

The Nintendo Switch Oled takes over all the staminas of the typical switch and also garnish them with a couple of substantial enhancements. Obviously, the emphasis is on the eponymous OLED display screen . This not only offers stronger contrasts and much more lovely shades, it is also a little bit bigger.

Nintendo Switch Oled in the bundle with Pokémon

Additionally, Otto likewise provides an eye-catching package with the Nintendo Switch Oled and also the popular Pokémon legends Arceus . This adventure makes a lot various from the last Pokémon games, but counts on the same charm.

Do you buy the package, conserves you at the very least 20 euros compared to the solitary purchase. 379.99 euros ** calls Otto for the plan.

Secure Nintendo Switch Oled and also Pokémon Legends Arceus

with Switch Sports it will certainly be sporty once again

Below, also, the shipment time is provided as 2-3 functioning days . You shouldn’t assume also long, however, the past has actually revealed that the console is swiftly sold out.

379 euros sets you back the package with the brand-new Switch Sports . Wii Sports was an absolute classic at the time as well as Switch Sports wishes to enter the large steps. The game has actually simply been launched as well as is perfect as a entrance title as well as the globe of the switch.

Secure Nintendo Switch Oled with Switch Sports

You can always find the most effective bargains in our deal introduction . Daily there are the very best offers and also promos from the areas of Multimedia, Video Gaming and also Equipment. Browsed, checked and also contrasted for you.

379 euros costs the package with the new Switch Sports . The game has actually simply been launched and is optimal as a entry title and also the world of the switch.

Added offers

The Nintendo Switch Oled takes over all the strengths of the normal switch as well as garnish them with a few tangible renovations. Playing on the method is also a little a lot more pleasant due to the fact that Nintendo likewise functioned on the present . The loudspeaker has actually additionally obtained an upgrade and the internal storage room was increased to 64 GB **.

Some web links developed right into this page are affiliate links. When purchasing by means of these links, Sports. de obtains a small compensation without an effect on the price depending on the service provider. A lot more information.

Scarlet and purple Pokemon: 8 things that we would love to see in the Spain of Pokemon

Pokémon meets 26 years Since and for this occasion, The Pokémon Company has announced the next generation. In this, we will find some Pokémon of ancient games, but also new initials. After taking a look at some sets, it is time to think about what we would like to see in these versions of scarlet and purple Pokémon. Discover the 8 things that we would like to see in this future generation.

1. Pokémon that follow us

To begin with, here is an element that is not necessarily important but that many players appreciate. It is about one of our Pokémon follows us during the adventure. This function had been integrated in yellow before being included in the remakes of the second generation in DS. We have also seen this mechanism in Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee.

Depending on the version, the interest of the tracking function was secondary, but maybe in this new generation, could it be useful?…

two. Mounts

The second thing we would like to see are the mounts. Whether with a system to the Pokémon Legends Arceus or Sol and Luna, as happened in Let’s Go with the possibility of using several Pokémon as mounts to move through the air, water or earth. Since it is likely that the game has many Pokémon, having several mounts to choose from for each type of movement based on your Pokémon on your team seems a nuisance, but you never know.

The game could work as the sword and shield versions and have a bicycle to move. As for water, a surfboard could also be considered. Instead, when it comes to flying, a Pokémon will surely be necessary.

3. Stage

The third point that we will approach will be related to history. Each license game offers its scenario and some are more interesting than others. We want a well-designed region, but also full of history and links with the Lore of Pokémon.

Nor do we forget that the game is destined for all audiences and that having a very dark story may not be attractive for some audiences. In short, all this to say that we would like a well-drawn and trapping scenario based, why not, in the legends of the region.

NEW GEN9 POKEMON We Could See in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

4. Capture as in Arceus

With what the trailer shows us, the Pokémon will wander through the different environments of the open world. Therefore, we can expect to see the capture system that offers Pokémon Legends Arceus and so not necessarily start a fight to capture a Pokémon. However, it will be necessary to see how the capture goes and if it will have to fight after failing in the capture.

5. Fights

The Pokémon combats have always been at the center of the debate, among those who want to change the formula and those who want to keep it as it is. In our case, we would like fights to be more dynamic and fast.

With Pokémon Legends Arceus, we had some additions that could have been interesting as styles . On paper it was tempting, but actually made the fight often complicated in the way the game handled it.

6. New forms and regional evolutions

The sixth point returns to Pokémon from previous generations. Indeed, with this new region, it is an opportunity for The Pokémon Company to add new regional forms and why not, to evolve certain creatures that until now could not evolve. Even, why not, a new ELEE.

7. Multiplayer

The seventh point will surely be one of the points with more expectations on the part of the community. The multiplayer mode of Pokémon allows you to exchange or fight, but in some versions it is also possible to perform other activities such as underground, contests or even DINAMAX incursions. We can expect to see maybe other things to make online, as Pokémon races , as it may have been in the anime.

The other side of the multiplayer mode that we could see would come would be the cooperative , although it seems very unlikely. In terms of expectations, the first could be to play as in a Let’s Go with a second player available to support you. The second possibility is to have a playable adventure in cooperative, either online or locally. The last possibility is simply a cooperative game mode such as Dinamax raids.

One thing in which we will all agree on multiplayer mode is the interface, which was quite horrible in Gen 8. Therefore, we hope to have a review of the interface with several much clearer menus than those of the Galaran games.

8. The return to Kalos?

With a region that seems to be based in Spain, its connection with the Kalos region could well be present. We could, for example, have access to a part of the south of Kalos (France) although it seems very unlikely. On the other hand, we would like to have winks between the sixth and ninth generation through NPCS.

These Elden Ring Pokemon look so good that I wish a mod for it

Who needs Hisui forms of well-known Pokémon? The intermediate land shapes that are the new hot Sch ***. And they look so good that I wish for Elden Ring directly a mod wishes all NPCs, monsters and other enemies in Pokémon.

The hook on the matter: The intermediate forms do not really exist. They only come from the artistic vein of User Bromojumbo, who presents his Elden Ring works as well as other fake-Pokémon on Twitter.

Annika Bavendiek
@ annika908

Annika has grown up with Pokémon and, even if the games do not tear them too much from the stool, still much left for the small pocket monsters. She delights her thrilled in the intermediaries of Elden Ring. To link both has a strong charm for you.

Finally a Urs Aring I like

There are tens of fan arts to Pokémon, which pick up a crossover with other popular brands. Be Marvels Avengers in Pokémon form or mix forms with Animal Crossing. The ELDEN ring versions have it especially done to me.

Why? Because you create a kind of regional shape with new Pokémon designs to Qurtel, Urs Aring, Octillery & Co., as we last seen in Pokémon legends: Arceus. There many Pokémon got a new painting in the form of the Hisui form, which could not really inspire me.

For example, my beloved Fukano looks like the Hisui form, as if it had also experienced the Lockdown and therefore could not be a hairdresser. But the versions of Bromojumbo, but almost the “intermediate landscape”, grab the character design from Elden Ring so well that it feels authentically again for me.

Especially emerging his creation stands for Renna, which he has conjured up from Silembrim (8th generation).

But see yourself:

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With Ursaring I could never start anything in the Pokémon games. The intermediate land form has it to me:

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Also one of my highlights: Iron Fist Alexander as Pokémon.

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Or how about Miriel, the Pope Turtle? For this, the original Qurtel has literally offered.

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And here are a few very successful copies that ELDEN Ring players are certainly known in the interior:

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But these were not all Elden Ring Pokémon. You can find more creations on Bromojumbos Twitter account.

Now I want a Pokémon Mod!

Of course, Elden Ring also lives from his melancholy world, which is only so full of secrets and stubborn opponents. So and no different I want to experience the Souls Game in the first run.

Nevertheless, the fan arts immediately came up with the desire to exchange the NPCs and opponents with the help of a mod through the shown and other Pokémon. While this changes the mood of the game, but for a few hours I would like to give this very much. Because even if I had fun with Pokémon legend: Arceus had an Open World like those of Elden Ring, coupled with really cool regional forms and more, that would be something.

How ELDEN RING players felt after the balance PATCH!

Presumably, this desire will not come true, but you will probably dream. Or not?

How ​​do you feel about that? Would you interest you a Pokémon mod for Elden Ring? And how do you like the fan arts?

Pokemon Journeys shows how strong it is really article

Viajes Pokémon is showing how strong a legendary articuno bird is really with the most recent episode of the series. The most recent iteration of the long-term anime has been one of the most exciting in a long time because it has opened the adventures of Ash to each region of the franchise presented over the years. This has led to the return of many friends, rivals and favorite enemies of fans, as well as some of the main favorite Pokémon. This, of course, has included the oldest legendary Pokémon, as well as two of the legendary Kanto birds in previous episodes.

Ash and GOH have already been found four of the legendary birds along their adventures in the Kanto and Johto regions in the anime so far, and the most recent episode finally completed the set with a new mission that involves Articuno. The most recent episode of the series that was recently issued in Japan introduced GOH facing Articuno as the next Raid Battle as part of his tests to try to enter the team of the MEW project, and the resulting battle showed how powerful it could be this Legendary! Look at it next, as you saw @sapphire_eon on Twitter:

Masters 8 FULLY Revealed! Pokémon Journeys Anime Discussion!

Episode 102 of viajes Pokémon gave Goh his next big test for the MEW project team and was an incursion against Articuno in the Seafoam Islands. He was assigned the task of working with other coaches to end the legendary, but it was demonstrated that it was too much, since even with the help of others, Articuno was too strong. The legendary had access to death movements of a single blow as Sheer Cold, and not only eliminated Goh, but also eliminated the respective teams from Gary Oak and Horace that they returned. But even with the work of him as a team, it was not enough.

Articuno proved to be a legendary as strong as the others we have seen during the anime until now, and ended up being a significant loss for Goh. He was able to complete the mission, but he also realized that he will have to work better as part of a team to really participate in the MEW project excursion and make him come true. But what do you think? Did you like to see the power of a legendary who returns in this way? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

Pokemon Go: Boreos (Tornadus) ALS RAIDBOSS – CONTER

Update from 15 March 2022: Until March 22, 2022 At 10:00 am Boreos appears (some players perhaps better known as Tornadus Therian) in the animal 5-raids and can be with very * Good luck can also be killed as Shiny Boreos ! Do you want to increase your chances of a dazzling above all to legendary RAIDSTunde on March 23, 2022 *? Then we have all the current important and good counterattack for Boreos in Pokémon Go! We wish you much success!

Best counter to Boreos (animal spirit)

  • Crypto-Raikou with thunder shock and electricity
  • Mega-Vertenso with thundernock and electricity
  • Crypto-Zapdos with Thundershock and Thunderblitz
  • Mega-aerodactyl with stone’s throw and stone hail
  • Crypto-Elevoltek with thunder shock and electricity
  • Zekrom with charging beam and electricity
  • Voltolos (animal spirit) with Voltwechsel and Thunderblitz
  • Crypto-Mewtu with confusion and thunderblitz
  • Crypto magnetic zone with spark jump and electricity
  • Crypto-Mamutel with powder snow and avalanche
  • Rihornior with catapult and rocketer
  • Mega-ampharos with voltwechen and lightning cannon

Original message from 5 February 2020: February 2020 holds a lot of interesting innovations and events for fans of Pokémon Go . This includes, among other things, the legendary Pokémon Boreos, which celebrates its debut as animal-5-Raidboss. Trainers can find the flight Pokémon from 04 February 2020 to 25 February 2020 in appropriate RAID struggles.

So that you are optimally prepared for the fight against Boreo’s and the Pokémon can catch myself, we have summarized everything important to the RAID against the legendary Pokémon based on an article by Pokemongohub.

Table of contents

  1. 1boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – General information, values ​​and attacks
  2. 2boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – the best counter

Boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – General information, values ​​and attacks

Boreos occurs in Tier-5-Raids from Pokémon Go for the time being only in the incarnation variant. You can already defeat both variants under ideal conditions with a team of three coaches, but on the safe side you are with three to five colleagues. The incarnation version of Boreos owns the following values:

  • Raidboss-CP: 46,044 points
  • Fang CP: on Level 20 = 1,828 to 1,911 points, on level 25 with weatherboost = 2,285 to 2,389 points
  • Attack: 266 points
  • Defense: 164 points
  • Stamina: 188 points

Because Boreos is a flight pokémon, it benefits from windy weather. It reacts sensitive to the ice, electric and stone attacks. Boreos has the following attacks, which make it strong against Pokémon of the Beetle, Fight and Plant:

  • Bite (inapprisitely, normal attack)
  • Luftschnitt (flight, normal attack)
  • Strauchler (plant, charging attack)
  • Hyperstrahl (normal, charging attack)
  • Finsteraura (inappropriately, loading attack)
  • Odcane (flight, Lade Attack)

Strauchler causes potentially devastating damage as the only one of these attacks, the right counterattack assumes. Hyperstrahl can also sweat your Pokémon, if not as strong as shrubs. If you want to maximize your chances in combat, so hopes for a fight in which Boreos does not use these two attacks or rarely.

Boreos as animal-5-Raidboss – the best counter

In order to be able to optimally prepare Boreos in combat, we recommend the following counterpokémon:

  • Rameidon (type rock) with catapult (rock) and stone hail (rock)
  • Raikou (type electro) with thunder shock (electro) and electric shock (electric)
  • Magnet zone (type electro) with spark jump (electro) and electricity (electric)
  • Zapdros (type electro) with thunder shock (electro) and thunderblitz (electro)
  • Elevoltek (type electro) with thundershock (electric) and electricity (electro)
  • Terracium (type rock) with catapult (rock) and stone hail (rock)
  • Mamutel (type ice) with powder snow (ice cream) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Despotar (type of rock / inapprint) with catapult (rock) and stone edge (rock)
  • Glaciola (type ice) with ice cream (ice cream) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Snibunna (type inappropriately / ice) with ice splinters (ice) and avalanche (ice cream)
  • Luxtra (type electro) with spark jump (electro) and electricity (electro)

SHINY *TORNADUS THERIAN* COUNTER GUIDE! 100 IVs, Counters & Moveset | Pokémon Go

Your trip in the fight against Boreo’s best if you put on a combination of several strong electric Pokémon. Floor and ice-pokémon are also suitable, but are sensitive to Boreos’ Strauchler Attack. So she puts you aware. We wish you much success in the RAID against Boreos!

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Legends Pokemon: Arceus already in promo!

Despite his recent exit this Friday, the last game of Nintendo, Legends Pokémon: Arceus is already in promotion. Many merchant lined up to offer a nice discount on this brand new game Pokémon.

the good plan

  • Poké legends…

  • Amazon


  • Cdiscount


  • Fnac.com


  • Rakuten


  • Baker

Pokémon Legends: Arceus | Gameplay Preview

  • The Redoute Marketplace


  • Amazon Marketplace


  • Micromania


  • Darty Marketplace


  • Picwictoys.com


After the remake of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, Nintendo attacked a bigger site. Legends Pokémon: Arceus is the first title of a new game line, moving away from the traditional RPG to get closer to the Breath of the Wild fashion adventure game.

Legends Pokémon: Arceus stands in the Sinnoh area, or more precisely Hisui , previous name of the region, since the game Pokémon takes place in the past. The story of the game thus wants to highlight the captions adjacent to the region in order to bring even more depths to this land on which it has been discovered for the first time Dialga and PALKIA , but Also Arceus . Adventure game, this new game Pokémon offers more muscular and dynamic fights and new small pocket monsters.

Past In the hands experts of ALS , Legends Pokémon: Arceus has been sanctioned from an honest 6, penalized by a technical realization not ambitious enough. Overall, the last title of _ Game Freak offers a good experience, good duration, that the lovers of saga will not fail under any circumstances.

If you have not pre-ordered your copy, do not wait to order your copy for your Nintendo Switch. Indeed, the game benefits at the moment of a small reduction on its basic price of € 59.99. In promotion from its release, many merchants offer it to 44,99 € , an ideal price to discover the myths and legends of Sinnoh , finally, HISUI .

Buy Pokémon Legends: Arceus at the best price

Pokemon Legends Arceus Guide Wiki

Pokémon Legends Areas is finally here, and shakes the standard Pokemon formula in a way that we had never seen before. This entry into the long-term creature capture franchise is an open world output on the same line as Breath of the Wild.

We transport ourselves to the ancient past of the Singh region, known here as the HIS UI region, to search for Pokemon while wandering for its natural habitats. With a headquarters parked in Jubilee Village, players have the task of completing survey missions to learn more about the creatures that live in HIS UI.

On the way, you will certainly have more than a few questions about how the new game mechanics work, how to get certain useful elements, where to find certain Pokemon and more. This Pokémon Legends Areas wiki guide will provide useful tips, tricks and other useful information when traveling to the HIS UI region for the first time.

Pokemon Legends Areas Guide Wiki

  • Release date: January 28, 2022
  • Developer : usual game
  • Editor : Nintendo, the Pokemon company
  • Platforms : Nintendo Switch

General information

  • Collect mysterious gifts
  • Are the Shiny Starters blocked? Answered
  • What happens if you fall apart, and you faint? Answered
  • Increase the space of the bag (inventory size)
  • How the exchange of experiences works

Basic concepts of Pokemon Legends Areas

Sprint and run faster
* Get new clothes and sets
* Exchanging Pokemon and articles
* Mount and mount Pokemon
* Explanation of space-time WARP fields: What are and how to use them
* Explanation of styles: go from an agile style to a strong style

traps Pokemon and meets the requests.

  • Sleep and catch Pokemon easily
  • Get Hessian Breviary and fly
  • Traps Shay min (requests “a sample of strength”)
  • Catch Dark (request “the dark nightmare”)

_ We will actualize our wiki guide as we deepen on Pokémon Legends Areas, so be sure to re-check soon.

Similar items

  • Wiki guide Fair cause 4
  • Pokemon Guide Let’s Go Wiki

All New Pokemon & Hisuian Forms Locations - Pokemon Legends Arceus
Fallout 76 Wiki

Artificial intelligence designs its own Pok mon after analyzing the 898 in existence

After 8 different generations, Pokémon already has a total of 898 creatures, a figure that will change as soon as Game Freak, the study in charge of the saga, introduces us with the new set that will inevitably arrive. However, so many Pokémon complicate the creation of new designs, so Max Woolf, a Data Scientist of San Francisco, assigned the task to an artificial intelligence.

AI Learns To Play CS:GO By Watching Humans Play!

Some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive after forcing the IA to observe all the existing Pokémon, the task of making their own creations was imposed. WOOLF shared the results through social networks, with some creatures that clearly borrow several body parts of the designs we already know, and many others that we hardly recognize the inspiration of it.

The results, apparently, were from the liking of the people, so Woolf repeated the process several times, and shared more and more creatures that he designed artificial intelligence. The reception was so positive, that some people drew the designs that seemed more attractive.

The IA that I used was a Udall for all official Pokémon images, Woolf explained. Unfortunately, it is not portable or easy to use, since if it were, it would form an interactive collaboration.

Although Pokémon sword and shield were the last titles in introducing new creatures, they are diamond and pearl remakes that are taking full attention. In Japan, the newly launched games reached 130,500 units sold, standing without difficulties in first sales place of the last week.

Pok mon Go Spotlight Hour today with Lampi and Sweet

Today, on 9 November 2021, Pokemon Go takes place a limelight hour with Lamp. We from Mango tell you which bonus it will give it and whether the short event is worth it.

What is a limelight hour? In Pokémon Go takes place every Tuesday a one-hour event, in which a particular Pokémon is the focus. This spawn more frequently during this time and also brings you a special bonus.

Today, on 9 November 2021, you will meet the water and electric Pokémon Lamp during the limelight hour. In addition, you will receive double sweets if you send Pokémon during the event.

Ramp light hour with Lamp — start and bonuses

When does it start? Like every week, the ramp light hour will start again today at 18:00 local time. You then have an hour to use the bonus and catch a lot of Lamp. At 19:00, the spawns will be less again.

Which bonuses expect you? During the whole limelight hour spawn at every corner of Lamp. By putting a smoke, you attract additional copies. In addition, a candy bonus awaits you. For each sent Pokémon you will receive duplicate sweets during the event.

There is Lamp as Shiny? Yes, Lamp can be found in his dazzling form in Pokémon Go. You recognize it on his green eyes and lamps.

Worth the ramp light hour with Lamp?

So strong is Lamp: LAMP has bad values ​​in the attack and defense. And his endurance is more of average. For this reason, it does not matter in RAIDS and the PVP league (via pvpoke.com).

His further development Lantern can shine especially in stamina. But even this monster can not convince in the attack and defense. A strong copy could only be used in the superior, where there are better candidates here. In Raids, you would rather rely on the best attackers in Pokémon Go.

Who should use the limelight hour? Interesting is Lamp especially for Shiny Hunters. So if you are looking for a dazzling copy, your luck should try today. And also coaches that Lamp still lacks in Pokédex should use this opportunity.

Note: The candy bonus is basically interesting if you have collected many monsters in recent days and would like to send them anyway.

However, if you do not urgently need space in its Pokémon storage, you should wait a few more days to community day on November 21, 2021. On this day you will receive the triple sweets and even a 4-fold chance for your sending monsters on an XL Sweden.

Do you take part in the limelight hour today? Or is Lamp not so your thing? How do you find the candy bonus? Do you lift your monster up to the C-Day? Write us your opinion here on Mango in the comments.

Are you also interested in topics related to Lampi Games?

In the coming weeks, there is a lot in Pokémon Go. We show you which events expect you in November and which are particularly worthwhile.

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