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PS5: Towards a redemption of … Kojima Productions (Death Stranding)?

Death Stranding: Inside Kojima Productions | Newsbeat Documentaries
Is it the news that stings the curiosity of good morning: Sony was preparing to get his hands on Hideo Kojima studio, Kojima Productions? Nothing is confirmed officially, but an index preview on the web sows doubt…

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when Death Stranding joins the group

Sony is hungry, it’s a secret to anyone and his family of video games should grow in 2022. Since the last redemptions, many were about a little game: guess upstream which developers or publishers could be Acquired… and more than once, Kojima Productions was cited. It must be said that its iconic director Hideo Kojima has always kept very well with PlayStation, to the point of making Dedeath Stranding a temporary exclusivity.

And that’s the confusion today: On the official website of PlayStation Studios, Sony has just made an update of its presentation banner to add the famous adventure game, the hero Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus) joined Ratchet, Kratos, Ellie, Aloy and a lot of PS4 and PS5 stars.

These are only from Studios belonging to Sony, many who are wondering if the addition of dedeath stranding could mean the imminent announcement of the acquisition of Kojima Productions. Coincidence or not, the designers Japanese have just moved from their premises without really explaining the why of how.

TU BLFFES, Martoni?

If it is true that this can be confusing and the acquisition of Kojima Productions would make sense (especially that Hideo Kojima and Sony have a very strong common story,) it might also simply that this banner does not want to say anything concrete. After all, despite the independence of the studio, Death Stranding is a game partially published by Sony who has always put it forward and the latter may simply wish to display it among its exclusives.

We must not forget the many rumors of partnership with Microsoft for Hideo Kojima: Last year, he said that a deal with Xbox was almost concluded for a new game. Corridor sounds to take With tweezers, obviously.

One thing is sure is that Sony deliberately wishes to enlarge the group PlayStation Studios and 2022 will sign the arrival of new members yet. Last comes are for Bungie (Destiny) or Haven Studios, founded and led By Jade Raymond (Assassin’s Creed). An internal document reported considerable budget allocated to business acquisition the next few years, which we detail you at this address.

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