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Gotham Knights: Release-Termin des Superhelden

Although there were always rumors and speculation around the release date of the superhero game Gotham Knights. But only now WB Games Montreal has made an official statement in this regard and proclaimed the concrete date.

As can be read in the Twitter channel of the developer studio, Gotham Knights should appear on 25 October 2022 for both the PC and for the consoles. Then you may hatch in the roles of Nightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Batgirl to put the crafts in Gotham City. In the Tweet, it also means: “Gotham will always need his heroes. Get ready for a completely new adventure on October 25, 2022 #Gothamknights.”

Whether and when there will be a way to snuff in the game of Gotham Knights in advance, so far is not known. It could certainly be that before a corresponding playtest takes place or a suitable demo appears. In addition, the publication of a real gameplay trailer would certainly be desirable.

Gotham Knights - We FINALLY Have a Release Date! New Trailer COMING SOON?!

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Sukueni New Action RPG “Four Spoken” released on October 11. Aim for further quality up

Square Enix announced on March 8, Action RPG Development of Luminous Productions announced on October 11 for the release date of “FORSPOKEN (Four Spoken)” . It was about 5 months postponed because it was released May 24th until now. Aiming to further quality up for this extended period of time.

“FORSPOKEN” is an action RPG, which is a beautiful and cruel world Asia. The main character woman Freland Holland lived in New York, but one day she gets caught in a mystery phenomenon and lost to Asia. Asia has spread the beautiful landscape while inhabiting a variant monster and is in danger of destroying a certain case. Frei will travel to her hometown to search for her way, and travel with a cuff that is a magical bracelet with her will.

This work is a major feature of the magic action, and in battle with monsters, a wide variety of magic magic is strategically used according to the situation. A variety of magic is prepared, such as a gun or a bow and arrow, an installed magic such as a field trap, a flame and a lightning of lightning and a strike magic. In addition, it is possible to run through the vast world vertically and especially with acrobatic parkre using magic power. There are also elements such as mana acquired new magic by mana acquired in the battle or using the collected material to strengthen crafts and equipment.

“Forspoken (Four Spoken)” will be released on October 11 for PC (Steam / Epic Games Store / Microsoft Store) and PS5. Due to this postponement, the delivery timing of the story DLC “FORSPOKEN: In Tanta We Trust”, which was scheduled to be delivered in winter 2022, has also been changed to spring 2023.

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