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A restaurant operation sim just to compete with flies and stall thieves with fist! Todays STEAM Featured Game 6 Selections [June 27, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is within 3 days after early access and official release The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular) *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Bakso Simulator

This is a simulation game that runs a restaurant of Bakso, a meatball-shaped Indonesian dish made from beef surimi. In your own baxre restaurant, you can freely consider tables and chair layouts, and hire employees to respond to customers’ orders. In addition, various characters appear in the city in the game, and there are elements such as doing quests from them, exciting the city and secrets of the city. In addition, there are various ways of enjoying, such as punching flies and stalls that can be used by punching and customizing at home.


Project: name

This work is a hardcore action platformer composed of three stages from the first person perspective. It claims to be the ultimate challenge for all gamers, and we will go through the aerial foothold while dodging various obstacles with jumps and runs with Parcour elements. It is said that there is almost no savepoint, and the reflexes are tested in frustration and painful. According to the developer’s YouTube channel, a challenge that can earn 500 euros (about 70,000 yen) is being implemented by sending all stages that have been completely broken without using bugs. That is.

AI: Somnium File Nilvana Initiative

This work is a sequel to a reasoning adventure game that Kotaro Uchikoshi is handled by Kotaro Uchigoshi, known for the EVER17-THE OUT OF OF Infinity- and ZERO ESCAPE series. Set in the near future where the ego has AI, he investigates a strange incident while traveling and going back and forth between the two protagonists. We aim to resolve the case by moving back and forth between the orthodox point and click method of the point and click method, the characters in the dream world, and the somnium part that interacts with what you care about.

Capcom Fighting Collection

This work is a collection of 10 selected titles, which are indispensable in talking about the history of Capcom’s arcade competition games. You can play Warsard for the first time on a home machine, and you can play in both Japanese and overseas versions except for some titles. In addition, it is equipped with online matches and training modes that were not found in the original version. Due to the functions such as button settings, changing the difficulty level, and saving and loading anywhere, even beginners and players who play after a long time can enjoy the game. There is also a museum mode that can enjoy more than 500 artworks including unpublished and more than 400 songs, which is full of volume.

SPOOKY STARLETS: Movie Monsters (for early access and adults)

This is a simulation game for adults that combines card games and visual novel. Players will be the coach of an adult video in the post-death world, and will set up various monster girls that appear as actors and actresses using cards. In addition, detailed instructions during shooting can be executed by selecting a card. In addition, in the official release, more than 40 card illustrations correspond to animation.

Wonder Lands-Tie Tina and Magical World

This is a first-person shooting RPG set in a chaotic fantasy world of guns, magic and swords. We will proceed while collecting items like Border Rounds spin-off, but the players operated by the player can customize by combining skills tree, and also supports cooperation with up to four players. The Steam version is compatible with crossplay with the console version, and it is possible to cross play with the Epic Games store version. In the PC version, data can be transferred by manually moving the save file between them. It is said that if the save file is transferred, the results will not be inherited.

Problems and also platforms with an amazing dark visual: Hideous falls us crazy in his new trailer

Group Ugly has actually dated its arrival to Steam in 2023 , and also the summary of the title, the research guarantees a deeply relocating narrative that we will certainly need to find while we decipher the cobwebs that dims the previous of our lead character: The mirror discloses whatever… yet beware. In some cases, the reality is ugly.

Ugly was already highlighting in Spain at the PlayStation Awards, where he managed, is that the artistic section achieved by the Catalan study Group Ugly is an actual lovely.

The game creates its activity on a mirrors mechanics where we can trade our protagonist for the dismal representation of him. This will certainly enable us to solve riddles and also travel the wicked world that surrounds us, packed with keys as well as stuck in the disaster: logic as well as capacity will offer their hands in this trip of Self-reflection **.

The study describes Ugly as a twisted and dark fairy story where nothing is. We will have to advance through the minds of a tormented noble, exploring the barren corners of his subconscious, dealing with tough challenges and defeating imposing managers in which they have actually defined as a play of pluzles reflective .

Hades in pixel optics: brand new coach

On Steam, a new online co-op game is about the favorite and reminiscent of the Roguelite-hit Hades in his gameplay. What the fast pixelgame makes everything and why players celebrate it so, let’s take a closer look at it.

Ember Knights is beating in the Steam Topseller

On April 20, the new Action Game Ember Knights started in the early access and has already fought itself under the front seats of Steam Charts . In the rapid pixel game, you have to slip into the role of a legendary knight to defeat the evil power of adversary practice. (Source: Steam)

In the Roguelite you are best in the coop of up to four players and moves into the battle with different weapons and skills. If you want to check out the river and action-packed gameplay yourself, you can choose this trailer :

In Ember Knights you have to fight through hordes of various opponents and even challenging boss fights exist. Fits your Knight your play style and builds in your runs on differently caught characters.

Whether as a damage-resistant sword fighter or poison dispersing archer – many kombis are possible. In the end, rare loot beckons and you can further expand your knight.

Players compare it with Hades

Currently, Ember Knights has narrow 195 reviews on Steam, but are 91 percent positive . The players are in one thing: It makes a lot of fun . The fast struggles and dynamics are particularly praised. Even the optical style pleases the playing.

From gameplay and construction it compare some with Hades , which belongs to the absolute sensations in the Roguelite genre. The difficulty of Ember Knights is very demanding, but not unfair.

_Hades not yet played? At Amazon there is the game on offer: _

HADES [PlayStation 4]

Now from 16,99 € at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 25.04.2022 12:50

Previous weaknesses are disturbing bugs , which affect performance or various skills in the game. In addition, the scope of the game is still manageable due to the Early Access. But the developers Doom Turtle already provide a bulging roadmap for the next few months.

It wave new weapons, skills, a fresh world and massive variety of opponents, including new bosses. In one year, Ember Knights is expected to leave the Early Access phase.

_Ihr Will more Koop Games want to gamble with friends? Here, Bittschön: _

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The release date for Gotham Knights is finally tight

Over the past few days, the rumor cuisine brooded around Gotham Knights again a bit stronger. Among other things, the reference to a first playtest had appeared on Steam. This again triggered speculation that there may be important news about the action roleplay soon. That should beware, because now there are a concrete release date .

When does Gotham Knights appear?

The developer studio WB Games Montreal has recently told himself to speak Via Twitter to finally ventilate the secret. How to show out of the Tweet in a relatively tightset, Gotham Knights comes on 25 October 2022 for the PC and consoles on the market. Furthermore, it says in the Tweet: _ “Gotham will always need his heroes. Get ready for a completely new adventure on October 25, 2022”._

Release rumors have not been true

Thus, the speculation around a release in the near future will be final AD ACTA. A few days ago, for example, the rumor was circulating, accordingly Gotham Knights allegedly already appeared on April 24, 2022. However, this was strange for several reasons. This is the case of the 24th April ** for a Sunday, was extremely unusual for the release of a new game. In addition, the lead for promotional actions in such a speedy release would be extremely short.

Also read


Gotham Knights: First beta appears on Steam

Gotham Knights recently got a beta on Steam. That could suggest that Warner Bros. is ready to priced soon. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

Gotham Knights: New trailer reveals the story of the Action-RPG

In the new trailer to Gotham Knights, the developers of WB Games Montreal reveal more to the story of the action role-playing game.

Gotham Knights Finally Gets a Release Date - IGN Daily Fix

That awaits you at Gotham Knights

The story of the action role-playing game is a few years after the death Bruce Waynes and thus of the original Batman. The resulting power gap has exploited the criminal bosses of Gotham City to spread again and to ensure chaos. Through a video message excited, it is Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood to put the craft the crafts.

Source: Twitter

From André left
10.03.2022 at 08:35

We talked with Gabe Newell about the Steam Deck and the ideas of Valve for your future

“It’s something, personally as a player, I’ve wanted for a long time, you know? As soon as you start playing PC games you are worth, I want something that offers me all the loyalty of experience with great control and can Use as a laptop ‘. The first time I wanted something like that was there for the nineties, when I started playing PC games. “

Gabe Newell is, the truth, quite excited with Steam Deck. After a small delay and a lot, a lot of anticipation from the public, the portable PC of the American company is already finally between us, and very probably the most exciting hardware of Valve to date. Or at least the most exciting Valve hardware since the last time, when they announced some Steam Machines that generated a lot of anticipation in his ad 2013, but they never took to take off even that Valve affirmed the public that the platform was not entirely dead Just three years after the machines were on sale in 2015.

The interest in Steam Deck contrasts with the indifference with which Steam Machines was welcomed then, but the new machine is not really very different in its approach. In fact, Steam Deck is simply an extension of work that was done with the introduction of Big Picture mode that seated the foundations for Steam Machines and a game repositioning on PC away from the desk.

“I think about everything we have tried to do as a kind of block,” Newell argues at the time of speaking of how Steam Machines sat the bases for Steam Deck. “You are creating the walls and you must then create the other components as you advance. Steam Controller had a great impact on our way of thinking about control technologies, and I believe that one of the great lessons learned with Steam Machine was to arrive At the conclusion that if we wanted to bet on this type of initiative we had to do it internally, solving all the problems we see as of great importance for both players and software developers. “

I’ve been trying a Steam Deck for the last few weeks and I’ve been impressed by what Valve has achieved, despite the fact that the device is not exempt from problems. It is a complex and sometimes heavy apparatus – a complexity that is linked to the PC game, and also at the time of moving a good part of the Steam Library to a portable machine. Part of the fun – and of frustration – it occurs when you see how your game catalog works on the machine, although I wonder how many neophytes to the Ecosystem of Valve will enter with it and if you will be able to expand the audience of videogames on PC In the same way he made Switch with the console when he was thrown into the market in 2017.

“I think if we ignore the fact that it is a device to play and we simply look at it in terms of price and performance, for your CPU and GPU, it is a great device,” says Newell. “I think we would be comfortable ignoring the fact that it is a device to play, but it is, and that’s where it has its most attractive applications.”

“One of the most interesting things for us is that we did a very strong bet with the entrance price, and then we saw how the consumers came and bought the most expensive SKU I had available. It’s interesting, they are all early adopters, you know, but What this tells us is that if we had given them more storage space, more performance or more memory, they would probably have bought it equally. It is interesting, and this will probably change as we start expanding the stock and we fulfill the demand, we will see. A change with the passage of time towards the lowest price, to Skus of entry level “.

What is really fascinating, however, is where it wants to take to go to Steam Deck in the future. It is a long-term project, one with a more hopeful future than that of Steam Machines, who could take the PC game to interesting places if Newell’s ideas on where he sees the device in five years are met.

“Some of the conversations we are having with software developers are worth, this is great, but try to see how the next generation of the Deck will be,” he explains. “What do we want in terms of solutions for portable game, for the portable PC game? Does this open the door to new things? We have been a fan of biometric for a long time and its use, and this a good shape, given The position of your hand – this gives you opportunities to do things in that sense. ”

“You know, all these things are related to each other. Much of the technology we are using and that we can use in future versions comes from, you know, the technology we have developed for VR. And if you think and see the machine As a portable PC to play greatly, why can not I have that in an integrated solution without VR cables? “.

“With the helmets we have many more possibilities for things like neuromodulation or direct sensors and things in the head of the people, or you can look at information that is easy to transmit through sensors close to the user’s hands. All these things tend to have A snowball effect over time, with each of them we think what are we going to learn? What are we going to help software developers? How to move that when it comes to building attractive solutions for players? “.

“In the long term, we may end up finding that these are interesting and specific opportunities for laptops, if you start putting cameras in these devices you can find that there are game experiences that really depend on them… Pokémon Go is a great example of a Application that has no sense on the desktop “.

“But that depends on a number of things that currently do not exist in the PC game, and the opportunity with the next versions of Steam Deck is to start looking at this type of application or this type of possibilities, and see what kind of applications It allows you to do. When we start to have unique game technologies in future versions of the deck will be when it makes it much more sense to start trying to make personalized applications and capitalize them “.

Pokémon Go on PC? It is not, of course, what I expected when asking Newell about the long-term plans for Steam Deck, but it is illustrative to see where he sees him who is directed by the device, and a logical step for Steam to venture into one of The most lucrative and popular areas of the video game. There is much until then, as well as several Hardware iterations, with which it is not something that will happen soon, and also Valve will be busy these next months trying to comply with the demand for the new machine.

“Of course we are going to expand the production as fast as we can,” he says. “In fact, this is a good part of what we have been doing during the last six months, working with our suppliers to see how to do it, we also hope – and it is one of the great things in the PC market – see other people watching this and manufacturing products like this. Not only will we try to comply with the demand, but we also hope that other PC manufacturers recognize this type of pieces. And demand for this type of solution is high enough to also think about launching Similar devices “.

“The good news is that demand is high. The bad is that, due to the pandemic, demand for all types of electronic component has skyrocketed. If you talk to Intel, or AMD, or NVIDIA, or with the Ford Motor Company, you will tell you that consumer demand has changed. If you can not go to restaurants or go to the movies, you are going to buy a more beautiful house, and you are going to buy more expensive electronic devices. There has been a huge growth, and it is going to take A little so that the manufacturing capacity complies with this demand. “

Gabe Newell on Steam Deck's Launch and Future
Translation by Josep Maria Sempere.

STEAM Saint Ramania gives! What is the way of good quality soundtrack in STeam? 【column】

Readers, do you enjoy the game Sunttra life?

It is said that there is a gem spa that says “I’m saying suddenly.” In this article, the STEAM introduced article the other day’s STEAM introduced article is compiled with STEAM Soundtrack (link destination external site), which can be purchased on STEAM, and it is also a game Santromania from the original However, I would like to say one family with an example of the current launch STEAM soundtrack.

Surely not only users, but also the publisher are also the introduction of a great satisfaction point.

# What is a good soundtrack?

Suddenly this is the subject. First of all, as a premise, the authors have owned not only STEAM’s soundtracks as well as the actual work, but the lunch of the place has become difficult to collect it in the relationship between physical space. Furthermore, after the initial CD board, the life is approaching according to a one draft, there are many things that have passed. Even if you unplug it, the soundtrack of past works is not the premiere price in various adult circumstances…….

On the other hand, with the increase in digital release in recent years, the significance of the draft has become a collection of collection packages, and actually, the axis of the author’s soundtrack is also directed to digital. Is. Anyway, if you seek an extreme sound quality, there will be no similar readers.

However, in fact, the soundtrack in digital releases has not been defined firmly, and the delivery style of each company is not unified in breakall. In particular, STeam was very significant, and it was a heart that I wanted to bought a user who loses a user who was summarizing the soundtrack information. So what is the soundtrack that does not lose and the “good soundtrack”?

The following is the definition of the “good soundtrack” that the following is the concept.

  • Bit rate is 320 Kbps level if MP3 is MP3

It is an absolute condition that it is a sound quality equal to or higher than that of a CD. There is also an inconstimentive thing that this does not want this to provide a lot of differences with the draft, but I think that there are many readers who agree.

Since it is a technical story, it will cut and compress the frequencies that can not be heard in the human audible area, but in the case of encoding to MP3, so according to the bit rate, the person is difficult to hear It will be lost. The old days (more than 10 years ago) were 128 kbps to 192 kbps because the digital download was not mainstream, but the sound quality was somewhat inferior even at 192 kbps.

In modern times, encoder software and equipment are sophisticated and have a considerable sound quality in 192 kbps, but they still feel like they also feel different from the spread of the range. I am not aware of this impression at the time of my age, but if it is also possible to provide it, it will be more than 320 kbps if it is provided. Of course, reversible audio (such as FLAC) may be provided in parallel, but considering the problem of licensing and reprinting, if the soundtrack itself is a certain price, it would be slightly luxury if it is a certain price I’m thinking.

  • Tags and jacket art are complete

In previous articles, STEAM soundtracks recommended to manage them with external software. At this time, there is a jacket art and a tag, and it is important to know what soundtrack or immediately. It is similar to the collection when arranging in the rack, but if you look at the image, it will soon reach the jacket as soon as possible.

Also, it is likely that the artist can also be grasped by the artist and what kind of songs. Although it is not impossible to make your own user side, there is no need to win the official notation.

  • Mastering as a soundtrack

This is not a story that is not limited to digital and STeam’s soundtracks, but the “soundtrack” is the most important part of providing users. The example of the song used in the game as it is as it is, the sound game title also actually acts in the past game title, but there are not many unfortunate results for both. “Soundtrack” is something that the user does not assume that the user enjoys each track as a series of music, so the number of soundlers that the manufacturer worked hard and the volume is not constant for the user, and the song is brought. It is full of dissatisfaction with it.

It is likely to hear that “Is it all the soundtracks that all can be done there?” present . The soundtrack that Capcom has been distributed in Steam in recent years, and the above points have been suppressed, and the content is more firm than that, and the tongue is a long-awaited soundtrack. It is so much.

New World - Original Soundtrack

It may be possible to say that it is substantial and apart from differentialization of Japanese tags and English tags, lyrics tags, usually not usually used. It is too much to here, but it is safe to purchase the company’s soundtrack in the future if it is offered to the contents firmly. It is quite difficult, but it is luxury, but if the current offer style of Capcom is based on the standard, I am also very happy.

I say, but the soundtrack that has been providing well so far is not else.

# Example that you have to be careful when selling

# # License problem

In order to deliver this modern, generally music as a soundtrack, the License of the sound source grant (license) is also required for soundtracks. There may be a reader who seems to be aware of what you are using, which is commonly used in the game. The license is another for the game and the soundtrack.

The representative as an example of the author in that direction is “**”. If you purchased a Collector’s Edition, a soundtrack comes with a recantey, almost all of the songs that use royalty free music.

Royalty Free is a material that can be used by the conditions along the conditions, and if it is a photo, it is very famous.

Returning to the story of this work, the majority of the songs recorded in the soundtrack of this work are greatly versus redistribution in the form of sound sources that are mainly the sources of the tester. Steam’s Forum has also been pointed out from the step in 2015, but has not yet been distributed from the publisher without any response. Of course, there is a possibility that the music author may be individually granted, but if so, it is only necessary to say that that effect, and in the worst case, the Publisher and the original person have not grasped There is also a possibility. It can not be said that it is a good way to keep such suspicion left. Of course it is a language explit to the license violation.

In addition, this work is currently changing the publisher, but Devolver Digital was sold earlier. Devolver Digital For Soundtracks for Sandra, “ Hotline Miami ” is a tag, and it has been flavored in the past because the sound quality was not constant or not enough contents. Also in that case, since it is not yet improved, it is not yet improved because it has not been improved by respecting the thing provided by the artist and not yet improved, so it is not a soundtrack as a soundtrack without grasping the license. I have a question close to the conviction that there is no.

Not only this example, regarding assets, as a result of a violation of the license or before “ final sode “, it is not aware that the works of others are mixed in the asset, Because there is no possibility of distributing, let’s be careful again when selling soundtracks.

# Price and contents of contents

It is a pity that the difference between the digital soundtrack and the real thing on STEAM is large, right? In particular, if there is no price difference between both sides.

The following example is the “ Large Voyage era 4 with Power Up Kit HD Version “. I will say earlier, but I love the music of this series, especially Mr. Kono Kanno. Now, about this way, the digital version is also about buying both the version that comes with a real CD. As a result, you can also mention this problem.

After bought a disc package of the same price, it compares the STeam’s digital version only in MP3 with no tags in the MP3. In particular, the lack of tags is fatal for managing in a digital environment.

Even if the game price is subtracted, this one is one more than 10,000 high-value soundtracks. The contents themselves are exceptional, including those such as the author who had to release the old soundtrack that has become more difficult to obtain. The digital version was only a disappointing specification.

# Well what about Valve?

Actually, in-house soundtracks, such as Valve’s “ Half-Life ” and “ Portal “, most can be downloaded for free. “ DOTA2 ” and “ TEAM FORTRESS 2 ” are partly charged, but the condition is also available for free soundtracks and free soundtracks.

Valve itself does not provide a clear criterion that “such format and content offer is desirable,” how to provide the sound track itself is shown in the document. The confusion of distribution styles from now is actually here and I think.

Returning the story, VALVE title soundtrack specifications are now offered in each title and Jacket Art and MP3 (320 Kbps), and Verified Audio FLAC (some time or no tags are tagged), and it is a fine place Anxious Publisher will be safe to provide users with reference to this.

# Recommended management method and soundtrack

Music playback and management at STEAM clients can not be recommended honestly. It is quite inconvenient specification, such as which playlists on STEAM clients do not work only for each title and often increasing the list.

Fortunately, the music can be downloaded to the local disc, so the authors used to manage the program from Foobar2000 (external site). Although customized is a plug-in method for a plug-in method, it is slightly for Generan, but using DLNA, it is highly functional, such as can be played back even in another environment (the article of the previous soundtrack is also reflected in the screen photo Is this player).

Soundtracks that such a writer really recommended! ?

Do you bother with the dimension of Steam Deck? You can currently print it in 3D as well as hold it in your very own hands

Just a couple of days ago we could see several unboxing of Steam Deck, finding what will certainly consist of the new Valve laptop when it gets to our residences. Even the lucky ones who got it for the very first remembrance will still need to wait until next February 28 , day where, Valve will begin to serve the consoles.

Steam Deck Preview - I Benchmark The BEAST! Game Demos and Comparisons!

An excellent tool for modders and also accessory suppliers Past the inquisitiveness that this expects, these documents are particularly interesting for all those modders and peripheral producers they want to prosper of the launch to be able to recommend a few of Its devices with some in advancement. “Good news for all handyman, modders, accessory makers or people who just intend to print a Steam Deck to see exactly how it really feels: We have actually released CAD data from the exterior real estate to download,” stated Valve.

If you are interested, you can download the files from Gitlab and start sewing with a reproduction of this appealing tool. If you do not have a 3D printer by hand and you intend to have a suggestion of the size of Steam Deck at contrast with other tools that are more familiar, you have the contrast with Nintendo Switch, PS Vita and the WIIU command, between Others.

However if you can not wait to inspect what is the feeling of holding it or if you suit that pocket of the knapsack, you’re in luck, Valve has made readily available to customers CAD documents needed to publish the console housing * *. Now you simply require a 3D printer and all set, you can have your own Steam Deck two weeks prior to your launch, you will not have the ability to have fun with it, but no one places on your creative imagination.

Christmas Update of Valheim Launched Live Patch Notes

Valheim: Armor Stands & Yule Tree Released! - Patch Notes Update
The holidays are officially about us, and Latham is celebrating with a new update. The Iron Gate Studio developer has launched the 0.206.5 patch and offers some seasonal decorative elements as a Christmas tree. There are also some error corrections, a new armor support to show and some improvements to make the game a more enjoyable experience. Fans should not expect anything too important from this, but these small changes should be sufficient for players to have the Christmas spirit! Complete patch officer patch notes. Steam page can be found below:


Location music settings
Appearance and falling settings Abomination
Location updates
Cutting check enabled when placing thrones


Reviewed troll animations
Domesticated animals no longer fear fire
Peace and tranquility (the domesticated wolves no longer be added)
Server list blasphemies filter


Construction element: armor support (show your equipment)
Merry Christmas

So far, reception of updating on social networks has been overwhelmingly positive! Players seem to be quite happy with new armor, and festive additions have also been welcomed. The change to domesticated wolves has also received positive comments, since some players felt that this was one of the most irritating elements of the game. In general, these changes can be on the smallest side, but sometimes the smallest improvements can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Of course, fans have been quite happy with Latham general. The game was launched in Steam with anticipated access in February. Valium quickly found a passionate audience of players, sold more than three million copies in less than a month and established solid statistics of concurrent players in Steam. With the second year of the game approaching quickly, it will be interesting to see if players are still interested in the game, but hopefully these small settings and updates will come back!

Latham is available in Steam by 19.99. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

Have you left? Latham in Steam still? What do you think of the last update of the game? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

PC Building Simulator Free IT expansion released for PC Turn off Turn on Works again

I Built MY REAL PC (Again) - PC Building Simulator
Xbox Game Studios (formerly Microsoft Studios and Microsoft Game Studios) is a division of Microsoft Corporation, which develops and publishes video games for computers based on Windows operating systems, Xbox video consoles and previously on operating systems for Windows Phone smartphones. They set out in 2001 as Microsoft Game Studios to coincide with the launch of the Xbox, before being renamed in 2011 as Microsoft Studios and in 2019 as Xbox Game Studios. The division of Microsoft develops and publishes games in conjunction with first and third development studies, under its editorial seal. On September 21, 2020 Microsoft acquired the company ZENIMAX average by 7.5 billion dollars, being within the video game industry the largest agreement of the last 5 years.

For the PC Building Simulator (from 7.99 € at Buy) (Epic Games Store, Steam, Gog.com) today has been published the free IT expansion. According to the manufacturer, the extension includes about 20 hours of new story content that turns to IT support. So you can solve IT problems in the nebulous start-up Irrorrech Corporation while improving its support skills. After the update you can select the new mode in the main menu.

The Irregular Corporation: Shortly after the game was claimed for 10 million times during the free offer week in the Epic Game Store and at the same time recorded records at the same time active players and players could welcome the latest expansion PC building new entries and experienced screwdrivers and screwdrivers on the The best possible kind. Highlights and new features of extension include a smart tablet, a job ticketing system to better overlook the tasks, travel to jobs outside the own workshop and the possibility to set up the IT support workshop with the help of the new decor app.

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