In BitLife, you can turn from a poor college student in a reality story, making one big break. It all starts with the fact that you start your acting career.

What is acting talent?

Acting is the talent to be hung, if you want to become a star on large screens. Although you can become an actor by choosing a regular career of the voice actor, you can get more interesting roles, for example, play a major role in the film about superhero or a multi-metering family drama, becoming a television or movie star.

how to raise acting skills

The path to becoming the next Johnny Depp, begins young. If you are enabled game BitLife Mode of God You can choose Plays a role How your special talent . A good appearance also helps.

As soon as you started a new life, wait until you eight years old , then go to the “Actions” section, select “Mind and Body”, then select “Acting Learners”. Every time you take a lesson, the skill scale increases. Take the lessons of acting skills several times a year before aging – ideally, while the scale does not cease to increase.

Acting lessons are paid by your parents until you go to the elder school, so by that time it is recommended to reveal this talent as possible.

How to become an Actor in BitLife! (Read desc)

how to raise acting

Continue to visit listening until you get a role. You may have to start as an additional character or a minor character from a small television show, but your experience is developing. Hole talent search agent can also help you conclude contracts and get larger positions. As soon as you achieve success in one show, you will become easier to get the main roles.

Familiarize yourself with our leadership on how to listen to the role in BitLife to become the next sensation on the big screen.