Team Ninja has reminded us that five years have already been reached since the launch of the first NIOH , on February 7, 2017. They have taken advantage of the news to announce the total sales number of NIOH 2 , which has already placed 2.5 million units around the world by adding distributed game boxes and digital copies.

The second installment of the Saga, launched in March 2020, updated its sales figures for the last time April when they revealed that it was already two million copies sold, so we already know that this extra half extra has been distributed during The last nine months, driven by its re-launch for PlayStation 5 . At that time, they also announced that the franchise had sold more than five million, so three of them corresponded to the first Nioh in the absence that the study refreshes this information.

The Franchise edited by Koei Técmo was born during the beginnings of this soulsborne soul (out there was also The Surge and a few more) inspired by what we are used to From Software. Although it is not as refined as those of Miyazaki, those of Team Ninja managed to create a worthy series of samurais that is maintained by itself, contributing their own particularities to the combat of this subgenre.

NIOH (PS4 Pro) - 28 Billion Amrita every 60 seconds.
The study, yes, already warned at the end of 2020 that a break from the saga would be taken to focus on a “large-scale” development, which a few months later would materialize as Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin , this SPIN-OFF more focused on the action carried out in collaboration with Square Enix . You already know: it will be published on March 18 for xbox one , xbox series x and s , PLAYSTATION 4 , PLAYSTATION 5 and PC through Epic Games Store .