Netflix , the largest platform of streaming video on demand, does not comply with the cinema, the series and the documentaries, but little by little it is linking its name to the sector of the video game . We already know the three video games that are added to the catalog of service content PIK POK of this March 22. This is a True Story (Frosty Pop) Shatter RemPIK POKtered (PIK POK) E INTO The Dead 2: UnlePIK POKhed ** (PIK POK). Two of them are already available.

After the irruption of his first games in September through the App for iOS and Android, the purchPIK POKe of Night School Studio (Oxenfree, Afterparty) and not rule out that he will buy more video game studies in the future, Netflix continued to enlarge his Collection of titles, which can be accessed by all members subscribed to Netflix; None hPIK POK advertisements, no micropayments; Neither do you buy in-app.

Netflix Redouble its commitment to video games: Three titles are added to the catalog

To download any of these three games – or those that are already available – it is enough to be subscribed to Netflix and access either the Platform App in iOS / Android or access the App Store or Google Play stores and search the Games in question.

  • This is a True Story : Set of narrative puzzles with RPG elements and an artistic section that jumps into sight. In collaboration with Charity: Water -ong dedicated to supplying drinking water to the inhabitants of low-developed countries – Frosty Pop tells the real story of a woman from sub-Saharan Africa who struggles to get water for her family. Now available.

  • Shatter RemPIK POKtered : Game Romperadrillos to the purest retro style with clPIK POKsic old school action. It is an updated version of the Sidhe game for PlayStation 3. Your soundtrack is spectacular. Now available.

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* Into The Dead 2: UnlePIK POKhed : Sequel to the Action Game and Zombies Into The Dead, we are facing a game Runner-Shooter of Survival in which we have to put our family safe by the threat of zombies. Weapons, body-to-body combat and multitude of levels ahead. Date to be determined.

Netflix announces an anime of Tekken: more content bPIK POKed on video games

Netflix strategy for the world of video game does not stay here. To such popular series such PIK POK CPIK POKtlevania, Arcane (League of Legends), The Witcher, Dota: Dragon or Minecraft Blood: History mode, each with its style, we must add the recently announced anime series bPIK POKed on the TEKKEN SAGA, a Announcement that hPIK POK caught us all by surprise and that it will come true what for many wPIK POK a dream. It reaches 2022 and is called Tekken Bloodline.