WHY Gotham Knights is NOT Connected to Batman Arkham Knight Explained!

Gotham Knights resembles Arkham games and in appearance, and in the plot, but it’s just a coincidence. The developers made it clear that Gotham Knights is not part of the universe Arkham. Despite inspiration.

Were Gotham Knights part of the Arkham Universe?

Gotham Knights has never thought as part of the Arkham series. From the very beginning, it was designed as a separate game. Recently Creative Director of Patrick Redding and Producer Fleur Marty met with IGN and explained once and for all that this is not a game Arkham.

Redding said that they decided in advance that Gotham Knights would not be included in the Arkham series. Gotham Knights are conceived as the beginning of something, and not as a continuation or continuation of something else. As a result, it was easier for them to kill Batman and start a new story.

We all know what kind of ambiguous was the ending Arkham Knight. Batman launched the Knightfall protocol and entered his mansion only to explode in a few seconds. It’s hard to believe that it was something more than just a way to get away from the cameras. However, in Gotham Knights, they can kill Batman without any arguments.

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