System updates bring extensions and additional caps for consoles and dashboards in most cases. Sometimes they also remove functions – sometimes from comprehensible, sometimes but also of some mysterious reasons.

Such a function is apparently removed in the future on the Xbox Series X / S. Because some members of the Xbox Insider program have access to the future dashboard and the associated functionality.

Which feature is removed? It is the ability to share recorded and edited video clips from the Game DVR directly on Twitter. This feature was an integral part of the Xbox dashboards for years, but will not be found in the future.

There is no way more to share videos on Twitter? Yes. However, that will now be more cumbersome. Because about the Share-Tab you will be able to send video clips to your smartphone in the future and then have the opportunity to converge the clips in social networks. So there is an additional work step.

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Why there is the adaptation, is not really clear

For players * inside, which the function regularly used, the elimination of the feature is of course pretty annoying. Why the direct Twitter sub-option will fall away in the future is unknown, but it could be related to that function of too few and is considered to be superfluous by Microsoft.

The Windows Central page also speculates that it might be that Twitter requires Microsoft for direct access fees and that there may be any other option in the future, to share video clips directly on Twitter. However, these are conjectures, Microsoft has not yet expressed itself to the topic.

You want to know, we can also come to the insider program? Here are the information:

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When the system update is rolled out with the corresponding change is not yet known. At the beginning of March, it had given the last update with which you can now select Quick Resume Favorites and also the Share button with alternative functions can prove.

Do you have shared on the Xbox VideoClips directly via Twitter?