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The Next-Gen version of The Witcher 3 will arrive at the end of 2022

The Witcher 3: NEXT GEN Version Is COMING THIS YEAR! It's OFFICIALL OMG! Here's What We Know So Far
Originally planned by the end of 2021, the next-gen version of The Witcher 3 was delayed for the second quarter of 2022. However, CD Projekt Red revealed in April that this promise could not be fulfilled, indefinitely delaying this update. Now, today, The European company has indicated that the witcher 3 will finally reach PS5 and Xbox Series x | s at the end of this year.

Through its official Twitter account, it was revealed that The Witcher 3_ For the new consoles it will be available at some point in the last quarter of 2022. This means that the update will arrive between October and December of this year. At the moment there is no specific date.

This announcement was made as part of the celebrations for the seventh anniversary of the Witcher 3. The update will be free for users of PS4, Xbox One and PC, with which they will have access to improved versions on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and on PC with higher specifications. Along with this, we will also see content inspired by the Netflix The Witcher series.

We just hope that another delay will be announced in a couple of weeks or months. The Next-Gen update of the witcher 3 will reach the end of 2022 . In related issues, the more spin-off of The Witcher will arrive at Netflix. Similarly, the official synopsis of the third season of the series has been revealed.

Editor’s note:

It is time for this expected update to be available. Considering all the projects that CD Projekt Red at Puerta, the Next-Gen version of the Witcher 3 must have been one of the company’s main concerns, in order to take a weight as soon as possible.

CDPR explains why they changed to Unreal Engine 5

As surely you know, a new game of The Witcher is already under development, but unlike the other games CD Projekt Red, This will not use the engine’s own engine, Network Engine . Instead, this future production will be moving to Unreal Engine 5 , and its developers have come to explain why behind this decision.

Witcher 4: CD Projekt Discusses Using Unreal Engine 5 - Tech Overview

According to CDPR , Unreal Engine 5 provides a better support to create open world games, and that was one of the things that caught the most attention from start. Additionally, this engine provides greater stability, and after all the problems suffered Cyberpunk 2077, Your developers want to avoid all those headaches. In addition to that with Unreal Engine 5 , the training process for its employees, both current and new ones, will be much simpler.

Because there is a huge amount of studies in the world using Unreal Engine 5 , it will be much easier for Epic Game s feedback on its functionality and errors, which could be shared with CDPR If necessary. Evidently, this will greatly reduce problems related to Testing and QA for the new The Witcher, which means that technically, the development of this new game should advance with much greater fluidity and fastness.

Editor’s Note: I think CDPR made the right decision here, because it is obvious that they want to evade at all costs that the situation of Cyberpunk 2077 repeats again. The ideal would have been to keep this announcement for when the project is already more way, because we currently do not know anything about it, and I will surely spend a lot of time before the official news begins.

The third season of the Witcher series is now in production – a juini-derision is hinted by future conflicts and gloomy magic

The third season of the The Witcher series is now in production, multiply Netflix production in a recent twiit.

Povestea lui Vesemir | The Witcher | Netflix
A new image that can be seen from the top of the news and at the bottom of the news, in addition to a future season (Synopsis).

“When the continental rulers, magic and beasts compete with Cir’s imprisonment, bring Geralt to hide, deciding to protect his recently protecting their family from those who threaten to destroy it,” begins description.

“Yennefer, Whose Ciri’s magical education has been entrusted, leads them to the protected Aretuza fortress, where he hopes to get to know more about the utilized forces of the girl. Instead, they will find that they had to have a political corruption, gloomy magic and fraud battlefield. They must be defended, to point all the game or danger that they may lose each other as anxiety. “

The publishing period of the forthcoming season is not yet aware.

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The writers of the brand-new The Witcher validate the medallion: it is a lynx, and also can offer unpublished stories

Any person who has played The Witcher will certainly have observed a vital symbol in the Franchise: The Geralt Medallion of Rivia and its function Wolf Form . This accessory is associated with the Lobo College , place where the sorcerer trained and also brightened all the skills of him to execute errant monsters. Taking into consideration the relevance of this object and also its link with the protagonist of the Games, lots of users have attacked them a question: What reference to the medallion of the brand-new The Witcher?

Witcher Nightmare of the Wolf Detaylı İnceleme #witcher #netflix

What does this mean? Probably, as they clarify in the aforementioned setting, is that we locate ourselves prior to a totally unpublished story that expand the well-known Lore of The Witcher beyond what we understand regarding video games and books. This way, we can just make conjectures regarding what is cooked from the CD Projekt network offices until they supply a lot more information of your task.

The Polish research study is playing the enigma, as well as have actually confirmed some data around the next game of the Legend the Witcher. On the one hand, CD Projekt Network remembers that this is not a The Witcher 4, a minimum of for the time being, as well as its director ensures that there will certainly be no situations of crisis in advancement. On top of that, making use of Unreal Engine 5 has actually brought about a collaboration with Impressive Games, although they have actually already advanced that their video game will certainly not be special to this store.

There is no lynx college in the Lore of The Witcher Eurogamer has had the ability to speak with the Worldwide Interaction Supervisor of CD Projekt Red, Robert Malinowski , to confirm that the very first game poster reveals a medallion in Form of lynx . This, beyond pointing out the evident, can additionally leave all followers of the franchise, since there is no lynx college with which this icon can be associated.

The Witcher should resume shooting for his second season

The second season of The Witcher on Netflix resumed shooting. While production had begun just a few months ago, all progress has been interrupted due to coronavirus concerns. The project was forced to postpone everything and wait for it. However, it’s been almost three months since these orders have been given and now, things are starting to open up. Even the cinematographic industry. Now Geralt and its heterogeneous crew can continue their adventures without other disturbances.

The first season of The Witcher has been widely turned into continental Europe in places like Hungary and Poland. However, this time they moved to the United Kingdom. There are still a ton of questions about the direction that the new season will take, but according to the chief producer of emissions, this season will present a much simpler and easy-to-follow story.

Witcher Season 2 Finishes Shooting After Long Covid Delay

The second season and those that will follow will be based on the original books written by the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Sapkowski also monitors the production of very close. Just like George Rr Martin with Game of Thrones, he does not want to see his wastes wasted or distorted.

Although The First Season of The Witcher was not perfect, it was certainly a breath of fresh air for movies or television programs that rely on the success of a video game. There have been innumerable attempts that crushed and burned in the past. With a little luck, The Witcher could serve as a model to do things well. The second season was initially going out to fall around 2020, but considering the delays, it would be a pleasant surprise if we could put the hand on this year.

The Witcher 3: Triss Merigold

Since December 17th last year Witcher fans can enjoy the second season of the Netflix series and also the latest video game offshoot of the Fantasy series from CD project Red delights like great Popularity. No wonder so that the witcher franchise is still frequently asked for cosplays.

In addition to the Geralt of Riva, which shows off and on from his female side as well as the very prominent Ciri is also the red-haired sorceress Triss Merigold a popular candidate for pretty cosplay. No wonder that Reddit user has decided Daraamberof for a transformation into the so-called “fourteenth the hill”.

Triss Merigold invites you to go home

And that succeeded by the cladding artist. Even if the photo of her does not show her whole body, the outfit of Triss Merigold is undoubtedly recognized. The red, turquoise and brown shades as well as the cut of the top and the belt double pack of the sorceress from the witcher franchise.

Daraamberof is so nice and invites you to present your cosplay to your home. As a result, however, the background remained on the track and does not really fit for a successful triss costume. The purple wall and the light switches are neither like a magic laboratory nor like a medieval room. After all, the white coat could certainly come from the home of the magic.

If the Cosplay of Daraamberof is a bit too privately privately and it is more on thematically nominous backgrounds , you should take a closer look at the two Triss Merigold Cosplays of Mercurygin and Milligan Vick.

Other cosplays from the world of video games

Complete Triss Merigold Romance: Base Game + Expansions I The Witcher 3
But of course the Witcher is not the only franchise that has a great series of characters and accordingly fantastic cosplays . We had a number of unusual candidates last with Glados from the puzzle classic portal, Nova from Starcraft and Jinx from the League of Legends series Arcane, where you even get a music video on top!

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