Activision was first released the development of mobile version of ().

On the 10th, the Activision is in a local time, revealing the mobile version of the Mobile version of , and explained that it is recruiting the personnel across the game development and publishing.

According to the Activision, will be “AAA class new mobile game”, and is under development in sixteen studios such as ‘Bi Knox Studio’ and ‘Digital Legend’, and ‘Activision Shanghai Studio’. No official information, but according to overseas community sources, plans to be made of its own developed engines.

This is not the first to be developed by the series as a mobile version. Activision has released through collaboration with Tencent. is produced through a Unity engine in Tencent San Timi Studio, and Battle Royal mode exists.

However, the battle of the battle Royal mode of is basically played in the third person environment, and has a different system with the . The created in the Activision Lither Studio is expected to be released with a system similar to that of in standalone format.

Calling Activision Customer Support is literally IMPOSSIBLE!
On March 10, 2020, is a stand-based game based on (1999) (2019). Battle Royal Category Exclusive Farming Difficulty, and took a spilled game play, and the execution of the cumulative player in a year, exceeding 100 million cumulative players in a year. Currently, is in progressing a new season with the name of the Woozhou Pacific through the update on December 10, 21, on December 21, 21.